Working on my 2013 5.7L 345 HEMI Engine

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Brandon Demiter says:

We are doing it step by step showing how to put together the whole engine thank you very much for watching

007 007 says:

Why so much build up on the cylinder head???

Thanks 4 sharing

supermotardmario says:

glad i`m not the only one who hates it when someone shoves a camera in his face lol. awesome wife tough, i wish mine would help me on my cars lol.

bloodandguts says:

For some reason I like you, so here goes. 5.7 upgraded to a 4 inch stroke with the .020 over bore is 398, stock bore is 392. The 426 is from a 6.1 block stroked which has a bigger bore than the 5.7. The crank is not short on a 392 it is longer by about a 1/4 inch from center giving you about a half inch more on full rotation. The piston deck height is reduced by this much to the piston pin to keep the piston from hitting the head on the stroker pistons. The forged pistons need additional cylinder wall clearance for the silicon content with 2168 having the greatest expansion and not being good for street use. The 4032 are better for the street in the forged category but you still need additional clearance over stock cast. If not the skirt will collapse and the cylinder wall will be toast. Never rev the forged engine until it is warmed up. Without producing serious power I highly suggest a tight fitting hypereutectic piston which has high silicon content and low expansion rate for street use. In general terms of engine building a short stroke and long light weight I beam rod is best for high RPM HP. A stroker crank with H beam forged rods is strong for low RPM torque but the piston speed is increased making it less desirable for high RPM's. People usually don't react well to advice so it doesn't happen from me and I'm breaking my own rule here, but two additional tips, never stamp cracked rods if you are going to reuse them, and if anyone was going to reuse the stock crank be sure to check the letters (A,B, or C) stamped on the counterweight for over sized, standard, and undersized bearings. Ex: BBBBB would be all five main journals are standard size. Good job with the video and putting it out, respect.

xxsilentdead says:

awesome vid man cant wait to see the rest

hemified64 says:

How did it turn out?

John Gibson says:

what will go in its place? one for a 392 semi for that type of car and then programed for the extra performance???

John Gibson says:

What will you need to do with the ECM does it get reprogrammed or is it a swap out?

jardog16981 says:

yeah. Mahle is great. In case you didn't know, Chrysler actually sources the stock 5.7 pistons directly from Mahle.

Chris M. says:

Subbed nice work
I'm currently working on rebuilding my 345 Ram Hemi as well(my first engine build)

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