2002 Subaru Legacy GT-B E-Tune Twin Turbo EJ20 (Canada Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review

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Subaru Legacy BH5 Purchased and Exported from Japan

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TwinTurboStationWagon says:

Loved the video! I love my 2001! On the steering, you say you don't like the lightness and that you wished they used the Impreza rack.. did you know that its light because of an electronic assist motor? I have learned that if you unplug the connector for the motor, it makes it heavier like the Impreza!!

Matt Johnson says:

I posted a pic on the FB page of a Blitzen wagon with a roof box a week or so ago. Looks good!

Bushman Canuck says:

Must use highest octane possible!

Frumence Kariuki says:


Sukhdev Singh says:

hey man.great video as always. i had one question bud, can we import these auction cars to india? please reply….

PussMag says:

there are so many of these in Japan, i guess they were like SUVs back then, price is right and attractive price, not so difficult to get in hand but they are sold and went around the globe already due to the low price.

FieroAlex says:

What ever happened to your Derek? I remember it not getting a bid at USS but no news after that.

Brock Walls says:

I thought "No Claim" cars weren't given scores?

K24power07 says:

I always try and peak in the parking lot to see what else you have.

Val Gonzalez says:

man i love this wagon i own a 03 subaru legacy and am a big fan of these

Kingsoupturbo says:

Nice condition for a 3.5, a good color and 5spd in a wagon is hard to find! I like the black version of the half leather seats! beauty find!

Алексей Хотыненко says:

Why does it has a Subaru badge on the front grill instead of Legacy?

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