Beamng drive – Import Tuner car Crashes

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Tuna On White, No Crust.
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Where i got some of the mods (not mine):

PC stats:
i7 2600k
16gb ram

Incoming search terms:

  • evenfk8
  • libraryf88
  • use21r
  • varietyd5x


Techno Racinq says:

Great thumbnail EVEN BETTER VIDEO very pleasing to watch!

Animator/ Gamer says:

Now you now how bad is racing on roads

Jacob Hansen says:

Their all ricers

Joao Gamer says:

porque que nao falas

Uriel Ochoa Lozoya says:

cool how you did a triangle with the cars

Uriel Ochoa Lozoya says:

why isn't there people in the car man

Uriel Ochoa Lozoya says:

Tell the other person to drift so both people can hit him on the side

Smash N Crash says:

The Slow motion is awesome 🙂

Invert says:

4:34 police brutality

Kirril Bondarenko says:

01:24 that would be an awesome if that would be in fast and furious

Umut Can says:

abi ben suriy

Ely portillo says:

can you do like a chain stuck to eachother and a car comeing in front and hit the chain



We Play says:

can you do a face revel

Lucas Rojas says:

salute mi soy de argentina

adriel seah says:

Like your video please do the f1 car

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