Cars and Coffee October 2009- Import and tuner takeoffs

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Here are the tuners and imports leaving cars and coffee


Shea Raven says:

thx for making tha vid cuz minds the Blue STi at 0:50
nd iKnow i could of did better Lol

Alejandro rodriguez says:

Nice gtr sound

ThatCarGuyOfAmerica says:

I did and I totally forgot to put that clip in there. doh!

ThatCarGuyOfAmerica says:

well the police were right off camera and no body really wanted to get in trouble.

ThatCarGuyOfAmerica says:

I would have loved to have seen one too but there wasnt one at the show.

34skyline says:

The GTR's was awesome but I would of love to see a Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec take off

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