Free AutoTune for Audacity (GSnap)

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Auto-Tune is a very common effect, but the official plug-in is very expensive. Luckily there is a free alternative which works with Audacity called GSnap.

Download GSnap
Installation is very simple. Just extract the contents of the zip file, and copy the Gsnap-GJ.dll or GSnap.dll file to the Audacity Plug-ins folder. Go to where Audacity is installed, “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” on windows, locate the “Audacity” folder and the sub-folder named “Plug-Ins”. Paste the .dll file in this folder.
If Audacity was open when you did this, close and re-open it. The GSnap auto-tune plug-in will now be accessible from the Effects menu. It’s usually near the bottom of the list, below GVerb.

Select you clip, go to the Effects menu and click “GVST: GSnap”.
-The defaults are mostly OK, but the 3 main things you need to change are Key, Attack and Release. In fixed mode, click “Configure” and select the correct key. The Attack and Release knobs are how quickly GSnap will snap the note (in milliseconds).
-Min. and Max. frequency are the range of what will be considered to be auto-tuned. 80Hz and 800Hz are usually fine.
-Gate also determines what will be auto-tuned but in volume, not frequency. The lower the gate, the more audio is considered and more possibility for error.
-Speed is the number of times GSnap checks the audio. Higher number = more time, better quality. Lower number = faster, but more jumps in the sound.
-Threshold is how many cents in a semi-tone. Leave it at 100
-Amount is how much of the auto-tune effect will be applies (in percent)

The last 4 options only work if you are in MIDI mode.
-Pitch Bend will distort the pitch
-Vibrato will give approximate wavering in the sound
-Vibrato speed is the speed at which the vibrato oscillates
– Calibrate changes the frequency for a standard “A”. Leave at 440

Read manual

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Artur Emenems says:

why nothing apper after i paste?

Zachary ventura says:

I cant get it working like it shows in my plug ins but when I click on it all it says is attempting to initialize the following effect failed … And idk How to make it work

DJDudich says:

Okay this is how you fix it if it is not showing up!!!!!!

Go to Edit > Preferences > Effects > Then in the "VST Effects" Section click the box that says "Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started" > Restart Audacity > Install GSnap :)

Mataess Videos says:

Whenever i click on GSnap audacity crashes. Any help?

Callum Oneil says:

It doesn't work for me it doesn't come up in audacity once I have added it into files and stuff I even when into manage add ons and selected Enable Gsnap

Corey Kiddish says:

can anybody help me it sais import raw when I tried putting it in audacity and I did all the steps right

IcyzTumblr says:


Shifting Ale says:

won't appear on my effects tab :/

ThaBlueGamerTag says:

THANK YOU!!! Best Tutorial I Could Find That Actually Work

Jacob Gallegos says:

installed and reinstalled both 32 and 64bit neither working. had it installed on old computer about two months ago.

Xcoming2 says:

i don;t have a plugins folder for audacity

Tyrone Bunne says:

Love how you gated and pitch corrected your voice. UP YOURS HATERS

Travis Edwards says:

thank u, most vids would just be download x open up y software then turn nub x to 2 and nob y to 3 not telling u wtf the actual nobs do. 🙂 thank u

Official Adosremus says:

I can't use it because if i click apply, it's delete my voice.

Jovan Belic says:

Doesn't work!

asy viernes says:

nvm i got it

asy viernes says:

i already paste the ddl file in the plug ins but i cant find it on the effects please help

ImClassic ONGC says:

Did a robot teach just me how to use auto tune? Lol

Plocký /) says:

effects>manage>enable gsnap

LouiJarvis says:

I have a 64 bit pc but I'm downloading it and its still not showing in effects :/

chris notyou says:

does it have to be recorded in stereo?

吳尚恩 says:

fuck u i can't use it to make my mixtape

PurplenightJenkins says:

I tried both 32 and 64, extracted the file to plugins in Audacity folder, but still not showing up in Effects.

Kokoro ゆい says:

Guys Minor note @ Those with 64bit. I have a 64 bit comp but cause the program is 32bit we have have to use the 32bit dl. SO download the 32bit cause the 64 will not take.

Dum Dum says:

approved win 32 works win64 not

Le Jade Jennessyレ ジェード says:

yo guys, here is the DOWNLOAD LINK :

audacity with already gsnap inside!! for 32 Bit.

king citrus says:

it didn't work

LegitSoulja says:

TBH, GSnap Sucks. You autotoon people suck. You all should just go suck. You audacity people suck. Go pro!. If you know what i mean. Eh

Kenny Cole says:

haha silly me I thought this would actually work FML

Shizzle Pekz says:

if it doesnt show up on the "EFFECTS" list go to "MANAGE" at the top then scroll through "ALL" then when you find "GSNAP" click once and then click enabled and then click disabled then enabled then okay then it should be there :)

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