GTA Online: FASHION FRIDAY! 30 NEW OUTFITS! (The Tuner, Winter Combat, Import Warlord & MORE)

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GTA Online: FASHION FRIDAY! 30 NEW OUTFITS! (The Tuner, Winter Combat, Import Warlord & MORE)
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TheNWOKOFan says:

I'm laughing because the salty 12 year olds are bitching about the outfits. The insults are so bad, it won't make a 4 year old cry. Come back when you kids have more subscribers than Dat Saintsfan.

EX Twiisted says:

Ya damn first episode was better than this.

Spiteful Salamander says:

Roses are red violets are blue your fans are dying and so are you

God AllMarley says:

man wtf, rockstar took the warlord outfit out of ceo outfits? its not in mine?

williamrobertg1 says:

Nice Rainbow Six Siege Outfits!

kaalikalle _ says:

the classic army outfit bottoms look like they shrunk in the wash

r gs says:

Absolute shit

Kris freakin Plays says:

Ok guys if your complaining about try hard outfits make your damn own or keep whining like a bitch but you have a option.

Davis Is Here says:

Ok Please Somebody Tell Me How The Fuck Does Rockstar Take Away Outfits From Glitches From You?

TriggerzOG says:

Can't find he magnetically script cap anywhere and can't find the black major hoodie anywhere

mojo plays games says:

were is the warlord pants and boots he says its easy but i cant find them

YouTube Hater says:

1:30 thesuesbadger is clearly a try hard

FlavorlessProductions says:

No one really cares about your opinion like in the beginning you say that you like it because it's simple WE don't want SIMPLE OUTFITS these outfits are all SHIT. think about the viewers

Kris freakin Plays says:

No offense but whoever made power sniper that outfit looks like shit

AshtenZach says:

wtf is "classic army?"

AshtenZach says:

who still wants to see military outfits?


none of these mfs can dress in real life

Navid Rhythm says:

Austin, has your IQ level gone down so low that you pick the shittiest outfits that took no effort to make and you go on to say "this outfit is very unique and I love it because it's simple"…???


Rice Crispys says:

I can't find the Magnetics Script Cap. Does anyone know where it is

Drew Spurlin says:

how do I get my hood up!!!

CodGod WannaBe says:

Can someone tell me where the T shirt is on the thesis badger outfit

OG_ThugLife 786 says:

saints I want to send you my outfit so badly but you dont feature them 🙁

Anthony Tomason says:

these outfits are horrible !

Yayo's DFN says:

Rockstar should really add book bags on GTA 5 online so we don't keep using parachutes, it's kinda annoying when they come off.

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