Hot Import Nights Tampa Car Show

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Models and cars take over at the Tampa convention center as Hot Import Nights comes to party.


Robert Guba says:

the girl painting in my opinion was by far the most beautiful, actually has a skill and was beautiful.

Ron Townsend says:

There's a lot to be said about the two legged racing machines, I've never seen anything better than what Florida has to offer.

Tom Parry says:

I love tits! I love tits! Who loves tits? This motherfucker!

Tom Parry says:

6:27 Courtney Pounds??? Need I say more???

Tom Parry says:


Chris Scanlon says:

Like Pokemon… ya gotta bang 'em all 🙂

Erzsebet Czegledi says:


Barry Thacker says:

when and where?

Alec Davidoff says:

0:35 Oh, yes.

paulcom777 says:

Who   are   all   these   HOT   Babes……..;-)…xox

Jose Francisco Medeiros says:

Who is the beautiful blonde model at 1:11 blowing the kiss?

Harley Davidson Breakout Ducati Panigale 1299 says:

02:16 that's the best looking stripper in this video – the rest are ugly !

Harley Davidson Breakout Ducati Panigale 1299 says:

My god these strippers are freaking ugly and disgusting to look at.

Jason poodoo says:

step 1)control – u
step 2)control – f
step 3)type og:image and click the link
step 4)fap! fap! fap! fap!

Michael Zak says:

pussy and cars, i wonder if heaven is like this

Oğuzhan Ünal says:

5:02 Şanslı bebe

perseus zeus says:

my amber always win

Pedro Pedro says:

no final das contas,td se resume em seios fartos.

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