Hundreds of Japanese Sports Cars at Japan’s Biggest Car Auction

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Lee Spectrum says:

Ill take all of them.

Amith Peter Ani says:

oh I liked the Evo 10

NerfYashru says:

man , why everyone seem to hate the Toyota Celica? they're cool man


Acually you can import cars less than 25 years old, they just have to be sold here in America, that saying. you can legally import a rhd supra.

Jotveer Khangura says:

2:14 you called a brz a 86/FRS and 4:33 you called a s2000 a Mr2

Miraak Dova says:

How much would it cost to import a nissan skyline R33 to europe?

Estevan pina says:

beautiful cars

Shane Earley says:

sweet Jesus! :O i want to buy that entire yard!!! btw the red car was a subaru brz not a gt86.

Dallas Dorrington says:

SWEET Very nice video nice seeing the old Skylines. I have an R31 Skyline myself.

Nicky_Projectz says:

I'll be stationed in Japan later this year. Can you help us soon to be locals purchase cars?

Marcus Tyson says:

wait… aren't supras already legal here? can't u import an already legal car to the u.s.?

Mouse Click says:

man i would love to import a spirit r and swap a 1.8 miata motor with a turbo or sr20det

Nathan Mckee says:

Are you filming this video in heaven? Oh my gosh unbelievable JDM beauties right there!

TheGrafifty says:

how much does a frs cost in japan?

Michail Sachsanidis says:

says mr2… shows s2000…. :P

Michael Kenis says:

If you're an 80's guy, you wouldn't dislike the late eighties supras, right?

lowKut says:

What is the odds of finding a 1995 Honda Legend Coupe type II? have you ever encountered any thus far? @PacificCoastAuto

sKySdLmT R34 says:

Sir you show a subaru leon over an r34 gtr beside it? sir are you on some noodle fever?

sKySdLmT R34 says:

you passed a couple of nice r34s and focused on 84 corollas :(

xStr8UPDoPex says:

That is a GReddy spoiler on the r32. Very rare, and highly desirable. IMO looks amazing on a s13 hatch.

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