Import Spring Showoff Extras (leaving car show)

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Import Spring Showoff Extras (leaving car show)
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Underworld of Utah
SnapChat: underworldofut

Amir Lusso
(Prince Luxury)


Derek Dobbs says:

Need some of these cars around here in Kentucky

videoman223 says:

Spotted our Groms haha. Super cold that day.

___Trvpsoul___ says:

Dude said burn out to a gtr smh… 6:19

Cotton says:

us uthans are fucking crazy lol

Hedrei Bruno says:

do you still have the full length video?

OneThirdLife says:

evo, subaru, honda, evo, subaru, honda, honda, honda, volkswagen, subaru, miata, honda, subaru, subaru, subaru YAWN

Eat Sleep JDM says:

Some awesome builds there!

Kent Kollath says:

ugh the mtns in the background. mint

Caleb Winward says:

that red truck at 5:00 is fucking gay

Jason Webb says:

Where was this at in Utah?

Andrew Gallegos says:

what page can I follow on facebook to know about these meets?

801imports Gaming says:

Next year I'm Taking my mx-6

Cotton says:

Saw all my dreams car 🙂

Anthony Gonzalez says:

What type of car do you drive

geromiah kipper says:

That's my yellow neon!!!!:)

Jairo Castaneda says:

How do I get to all these meets?

John Armendariez says:

Lots of tuners & ricers

Connor says:

Why are like 50% of the cars there running rich as hell?

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