Import Tuners

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a slideshow of some cool import tuners Plz rate and comment i will be making an exotic and muscle slideshow soon.


Ima Phukyermama says:

Some of the slowest, ugliest cars on the planet. P-U, these stink!

lance barrilleaux says:

Can someone please tell we where that car got that autocannon decal from . Thank u !

TKBurst says:

Firebird Trans Am V8 Twin Turbo 800hp I own these streets

bryan jones says:

V8 mustang or a camero shit we own these streets

bryan jones says:

Ok people say imports are all ricers
Maybe if you put a fart cannon And a huge spoiler and call it fast maybe but my civic Is not no ricer rearwheel drive twin turbo intec headers dual moshibi exaust and a whole bunch of goodies I bet all you ass holes that you put your mustang or what ever your kind of car is and put it against a full blown 300,000 dollar civic that's been modded to the fullest and youll get your ass stomped I am a import racer fuck yalls v8 we make. Better cars faster that a

bryan jones says:

In the video at 49 seconds what kind of car is that is it a 3000 GT or a dodge stealth ?

XxTBoNeeXx says:

lol i see more asians with gay shit done to there car then i do americans. come on how gay can you get. im gana put a stuffed animal on a tow hitch. faggggggssss

Virux says:

@USGiorgi Well don't take it too seriously. Lots of respectable Honda's and Eclipses out there; this video is an absolutely horrid example. Bad thing about inexpensive cars is that the retards can afford them, too. They're the most prevalent.
The snowballing initial mistake is to confuse the idiot ricer/showcar culture with their corresponding cars' tuning communities.

Virux says:

@MrVictorPrez94 That's the Ralliart Eclipse Concept. Go to the cars.ign site.

Viktor Bon Prez says:

that eclipse at 1:08 anyone know if thats from like a magazine or anything? I want to know more about that sexy beast

USGiorgi says:

Where in my comment did I say all these cars were ricers? I just said FWD + spoiler = ricer. I was referring to the handful of eclipses and civics.

Maybe I have no clue about cars… Though I have owned quite a few turbocharged vehicles.

USGiorgi says:

FWD + spoiler = RICER! Nuff said!

rdchacon08 says:

this is RICER!!

xthomastragedyx says:

@gangstapanda102 3000gt vr-4

Fredrik Halhjem Sælen says:

@jaminjp23 Honda civic with s2000 taillights

Tim Beals says:

@nikolaytotev1 Honda Integra 94+

Nikolay Totev says:

1:49 ?? can u tell me

John Steckman says:

what car is at 1:47??

Curveball says:


Better than an NSX, Supra, or GTR? Uhhh……no.

tunerlove says:

Hah love that supra's plate

tunerlove says:

Hah love that supra's plate

Wizard Kelly says:

What kind of car at 0:48??? the red mitsubishi.

Tommy Gwinn says:

sorry some rice slipped in around 2:12 !

OBrien McFlyin says:

@Topfueltrooper yea that ass heavy beast doess reall great

OBrien McFlyin says:

@Topfueltrooper hahah but these imports are on the street.. im not bashing either..but your funny car can only go forward in straight line.. imports are for curvy roads… you have fun driving straight with no driving skills and they can have fun driving on curvy roads.. to each his own no need to bash anybody…and glad you can talk shit on youtube..hahah

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