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Tuner Evolution and Fresh Meet Events presents Spring Bash 2013
Campbell’s Field in Camden, NJ
Sunday April 7, 2013
Filmed and Edited by MarkT FIlms
For photos and Videos of all events go to

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Modified Life says:

The ride alongs is what be the best part, Rolling out with the squaad

benny carz says:

whats the song called


this reminds me of the time when I did car meetings I hade e1996 mitsubishi colt wit e rally artt wide body kit in camelion licht green jellow on 18 Inc full chrome wheels it hade originaly e 1. 3 but swapt it for e 1. 6 mivec I stil mis thad car

Zarip Revo says:

so happening ..

GogoBlogster says:


PedzSimGaming says:

Anyone know the name of the song?

Wilder Monterroso says:

Anyone know the wheel size, tire size,coilovers or springs on the black civic @1:22?

Seductive Melon says:

Wats that bear at 2:27

Azazel The Freak says:


望月海人 says:

最高だよ!! beautiful!!!

daniel hernandez says:

That Mazda rx7is bad ass

Turd Ferguson says:

Really nice camera work!

jamjax says:

the green subaru impreza wrx sti is so beast

Jonathan Marquez says:

I have viewed this video more than 1000 times through out 4 months

Chevar Fletcher says:

Nice video

Iakovos Andreou says:

what is the name of the song>? please !

Mathis Gandin says:

Tuning is so bad in France.. And speed limit is at 110km/h while our freeway are very well..

Jonathan Marquez says:

That teal car with White rims is called a subaru wrx sti hatchback oooooo so f.cking fresh

kevin utley says:

Where's all the RSX's???

14andylu says:

Awesome Video! Awesome Imports! Made my day! 

DGOfTheCentury says:

2:08 who invited the ricer :L

Brian Cirrincione says:

4:13, get a real evo…………….

SV Media Films says:

Two cameos – i just saw this!! Thanks buddy!

AlphaJDM says:

How often are these meets

Steven Balta says:

mmm that sti ill take it !

Nesto Nisto says:

how did you call this type of tuning ? the low one with those wheels??? pls tell me 

xoxomojo says:

that's f*cking awesome meet guys!!keep it up!!!

CarVS don says:

Ain't that Randall's Island

ReddHarlemX1 says:

Yay, another video with Sierra Leone for music.

joe strickland says:

loved this event cant wait for it this year!

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