Muscle Car Vs Import Exhaust Challenge HD

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Who wins?

IccXotic Car show exhaust challenge.

4/27/12 Century College White Bear Lake, MN.

Chevy SS, Ford Mustang, Mazda R8, Dodge Neon, Nissan 350Z, Toyota Supra, Honda Civic, Toyota MR2

Filmed & Edited by: James Sims @SimsMN


boon poon says:

Who cares how loud the car is. At least jdm cars won't fly of the road as soon as you turn the wheel.

ziggy morris says:

Japanese exhaust sounds like a fart of an angry lawnmower.

Robert Lucas says:

That Chevelle was all they needed.

RaGe Sensation says:

fuck mustang their trash v8 chevy is the best

RaGe Sensation says:

muscle exhaust vs fart cannon

RunYourCarNotYourMouth says:

them cereal box cars sound gay as fuck!!!!!! lmao

Matt Johnston says:

Brandon, my Mustang sounds the best and is the fastest car in my town.

Matt Johnston says:

flying jellyfish, the neon is there because it's an American car but has a sissy 4 cylinder engine.

Nicholas Gray says:

That 13 GT had a Roush exhaust on it. That is not a stock exhaust, and I love it.

Brad V says:

I don't think any of them did over 5k rpms. Bunch of pussies.

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