Ricers and Import Tuners

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Rice VS Tuners

which is better? Answer: IMPORT TUNERS

Model: Misa Campo

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Observing Rogue says:

Ohh, forget to mention, if I had disk brakes, a rear inlet to the wheel well would be helpful, and brake bias towards the rear, wouldn't be the only way I would deal with a FWD's under steer, suspension front & rear stiffness, and front & rear downforce, are important as well, and I must experiment, to find the right balance, for each of these categories.

Observing Rogue says:

That yellow Civic may need those rear inlets to cool the rear brakes. I don't like Front Wheel Drive, but if I had to work with one, I would make the brake bias, heavy towards the rear, to deal with the under issue.

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