SEMA Show 2015 – Top 13 Tuner Cars

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GTChannel compiled a list of our Top 13 Tuner Cars from the 2015 SEMA Show. SEMA Show is the largest aftermarket show in the world which takes place annually in Las Vegas (Nov 3-6).

1. Rywire #GT3Integra
2. Nissan Sunny Truck with Skyline fascia
3. Evasive Motorsports Nissan GT-R
4. Stanceworks Rusty Slammington BMW 535i
5. Fugu Z – Sung Kang and Friends by GReddy
6. Bulletproof Automotive BMW M4
7. The Boss – Nissan 240Z
8. Whiteline Scion FR-S
9. Liberty Walk/LTMW Audi R8
10. Toyota Sienna R-Tuned Concept
11. Lexus RC-F
12. SSA Acura NSX
13. RWB Porsche 964

Music: “Punks” by F.O.O.L (


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Muhammad M Salaam says:

Kang Sung <a face from 2007> I recollect.

layesse1 says:

weird how i loved the rusty car the most :D


Hans alive!!! :p

magnificent10304 says:

Rusty is a homonculus!

Xentenon says:

Who ever ruined that BMW to look like a hipster mobile should be shot on the spot. I drive a BMW (3rd one), and now older BMW's are a hipster trend and it makes me sick to my stomach. Most of them don't have a clue about cars, they're only buying the older BMW because it's trendy among bearded plaid wearing cock suckers.

Fredy Rivera says:

That was a 240???

Michael Bannan says:

I'd rather see these cars on a track.

Mark Nope says:

why is homo erotic music playing during the video?

The Channel of Stuff says:

time to make my ride a widebody :)

RebelForce8 says:

> Cars without interiors
> Cars that touch the ground even without curbs

for fucks sake..

AnotherScooter says:

Sung Kang!!! Han was my favorite character, surpassed only by Brian.

HaxoResc says:

Its just rocketbunny/libertywalk everything….

Taylor Menezes says:

People actually like this music?

TheElement911 says:

Han is alive!

fahmid siddique says:

The aqua fd3s should've been there

SybePlays says:

datsun sunny i thought it was a skyline

MrFJtBaller305 says:

where the fuck is that lime green bmw e46

The Kids in Africa says:

Came here cause of the thumbnail, leaving cause I saw the thumbnail

Shaiz Aggan says:

Are people in the USA loosing there mind. they are showing to much Nissan crap

30spooln says:

I hate those flares on that Audi. When they stop 3/4 of the wheel arc it looks bad.

l says:

hakotora is best

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