Street Racers VS Police Compilation INSANE FAIL & WIN

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Cops vs Cars and Police Chases 2016. This video has
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john doe says:

For The People 3:06

Ayala Ayala says:

5:13 the guy thiugh honestly poor cops

Ayala Ayala says:

4:16 those people on top of the cops hood fucken savages they made my life happy lmao

Isadora Pinto Akino Rego Rolencio says:

5:40 that engine sound 🙁 What is this car?

Isadora Pinto Akino Rego Rolencio says:

4:30 That engine sound 🙂 What is tis car?

Ruan Felipe says:

Aqui no Brasil . brincou com a polícia . Pode se considerar um homem morto

Ruan Felipe says:

Quero ver esses inúteis. fazer isso aqui no Pará . polícia daqui . Não fica dentro do carro não . desse metendo bala

airidas petravicius says:

gerulis video

Yukita Kimahara ゆきた きまはら says:

Will you quit playing rap and hip hop and play the real street race music? Erobeat guys, Initial D. Japan Created Mostly all the cars and they created drifting.

Trisdoo o says:

3:503:52 Lol

Codyman 12599 says:

LOL at 5:16

Black Jello says:

What is the name of the misic at the start of the video

Stephen Lewis says:

im all for running and shit but there is no need for those assholes to destroy cop cars. shits stupid

Denis Mburu says:

lol he didnt hit the highway, i didnt see him hit the highway but you were on the highway.. see if you jumped over the highway i wouldnt have stopped you, so next time buddy just make sure you jump over the highway,, hahaha would have been super funny if the cop said that to him.

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