Tuner cars leaving Car show | Pro Art CarShow 2018

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In this video a compilation of Tuner cars leave pro art carshow 2018 (Deinze). Extreme bangs from the 2x Golf GTI , Rocket Bunny M3 , R32 Skyline ,…
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I gave you The n word pass says:

It’s always the ppl who scrap their car

Tyrone squad says:

3:17 which car??

Toilet svupper 1 says:


olivier vandevenne says:

You know its gonna be good when they blur the license plate

Theshibeisreal doge says:

5:48 super ricey subaru, poor car

king 4 says:


B00ST UP!!!! says:

6:35 look at the bimmer's number plate

Jeremy Pablo says:

5:04 magnifique couleur de la golf 7. Qu'elle est le nom de cette couleur svp?

Bondegaz Tv says:

BMW M5 is the best

Vipe says:

3:36 So civic's are starting to look like future subies

Iker Aldave Tamayo says:

6:29 M3 E46 NICE CAR

Iker Aldave Tamayo says:

that 6:03 subaru is …

Mr.BaconOwen Gamer says:

6:34 I hope that kid is having a good time

6:38 LOL

xXZHunter12Xx says:

Abarth style 🙂

Cars stylez says:

Nice Video 🙂

Robin Rajasalu says:

If u changed ur name or made ur name was 97robin996taken?

戦士変態 says:

7:31wats car neam?

Spino Yen says:

The term "ricer" gets thrown out so o fucking much, it's like people just like to insult for the sake of it. For fucks sake

ponzioblablabla n says:

so much fuel…

William Czerniak says:

fast more power cars hot wheel ;;;;;;

Lfo Mod says:

omfg get people off the street! They ruined so many launches

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