Tuners vs Ricers, The key differences

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The term rice and ricer is quite often used incorrectly This explains the differences between a real tuner and a ricer (both car and driver), I base this off the widely accepted definition of rice and my own beliefs,to each their own, I also am aware the bit with the Civic and the camaro was scripted

GHIF channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZjyjNFYfZYPE3vEXSN9ag

End song: That’s Unusual by Ghost Town
Best Stance/slammed cars of 2013 compilation (cars featured in video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9D0uhky6Ts&list=TLuTyHcxOLm54QvYiphMQg32XtscmdCEuw

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Abraham Serrano Montes says:

Just buy a muscle or exotic :D


hate ricers that mess with a ford mustang just go put up daddys car before you screw it up

s71402san says:

People who try to put a high-flow exhaust manifold and try to actually tune their cars and drive them according to traffic laws, or who try to replace the suspension arms, shocks/springs and install sport tires, even if just a high-grip medium-compound ones, are also ricers. There is nobody who is not a ricer, but who tunes their cars. All car tuners, stylers and customizers in general are RICERS. No matter what.

Andrew Bixby says:

the difference between rice and tuners is usefulness of the car half those cars you said were tunes were useless ass cars

Sisu Vili says:

Every japanise car is Rice no matter what… American cars has some serious power justsaying

Robert Altman says:

mustang drivers are always the dumbones

Evan L says:

Gonna try and run my car on barley now.

Robert Miller says:

So the take away here is that a "real tuner" is just a slightly more polished ricer? Maybe if you feel a need to post a video that "explains the difference" then there isn't a really a difference – just a poser trying to claim he isn't a poser.

Marcel says:

The real key difference is how much money u have actually invested in a car. A ricer is a shitty car with cheap parts. A tuner is just some car with a modified engine. Then there's say an automatic car with $20,000 dollars put into it. Real body kit, GT wing, genuine wheels, etc. U call that a ricer? I call it a show car 😉


Andy Williams says:

I noticed no difference between the two.

2canadianZGames says:

that supras backtier thick as hell

Ryan Harris says:

How is a stock mustang riced?

half burrito says:

rich ricers vs poor ricers

Israel Dyer says:

That blue s2000 eww

Israel Dyer says:

0:52 not that lol

merciah says:

Sorry, But stretched tires = ricer. There is no reason at all for such a thing. I'd like to see someone do that on the track. They'd get laughed at so hard they'd probably go home to mommy, who likely paid for the car.

Greatrex Builders says:

the words are there too long

guatemalantomcat says:

most of those mods were not tasteful at all

Hayden Stanley says:


RevvitupCarCompilations says:

Couldn't have put it better.

Jo Thompson says:

You're both broke Af and an eyesore for the street

Florence Cross says:

wtf man you put a muscle you dumbass muscle is legend unlike your little pussy tuner

Disturbed Asylum says:

2971 ricers disliked the video

Ben Anderson says:

That last guy is what you call a doughebag

JD Schultheis says:

i like how the mustangs are with ricers! lol

Shabb3r says:

3:54 can someone tell me what happened to the mustang? PLZ???

Shawn Reddy says:

that supra is what you call tasteful cosmetic mods, its a true tuner

Oskar Kamps says:

ricer=thug wannabe

YoungNVS says:

what is the car at 2.23?

Nano serrato says:

I love this video

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