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Ultimate Tuner Fails Compilation – From Drifting Fails To Cars Exploding we explore some of the worst tuner fails. We cover NOS Explosions, Flying Toyota Supras, Dyno Fails, Burnouts, Cars getting their bumpers ripped off, Wheels falling off and engines exploding.

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Outro Music:
Joakim Karud – Say Good Night

Video Credits:
Wheel Falls Off Car While Drifting:
RX7 Wheel Falls Off:
Car Gets Bumper Ripped Off:
Toyota Supra Crashes Into House:
Fail Exhaust BMW fuel Explosion:
FAIL Flying Toyota Supra:
Subaru Engine + Add a FULL Bottle of NITROUS???? -Lucky To Be Alive!:

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Gaskings says:

Come join me instagram @gas.kings. Massive thanks to today's #GCREW and #6CREW.

Luke Setters says:

Voice over guy = wanker.

Matthew Conway says:

The second one was purpose built for what it was doing. And still it failed

Col4dd1ct says:

that tire "burnout" looked cool tho

pak yu says:

put AC on engine

King Tommy says:

y would u post this

Datu Ramil Ampatuan says:

Fuck you gaskings

Nick C says:

I can't stand this channel please block me

unCanal Oarecare says:

The Holden from Roadkill

Vri 1 says:

I would like modify a car someday but only small modifications like tires, brakes, suspension and maybe exhaust system, i dont want to appear in next tuners fails

Getta 0422 says:

2:50 Back to the Future budget edition đŸ˜€

Brandon Hsieh says:

The last one is epic

spectre654 says:

OMG HE goes right into the vid. its amazing

mZto says:

0:42 note 7 mobile

acalthu says:

The nitrous subaru was done on purpose though.

Mad Joe Mak says:

2:06 how tf did ALL the wheels come off AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?!

The Gaming Norwegian says:

wtf is up with those spoilers? they fall off when u just look at them…

SWG says:

ngl the last one of the rims on fire was actually pretty cool

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