560hp GT-R vs MUSCLE – Cali Street Racing

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We were invited to a daytime street race event out in the boonies of California to hang out and street race all day long. One car that was willing to throw down with anyone was this bolt-ons GT-R from the Bay Area. The street wasn’t hooking the greatest at times, giving this GT-R quite the advantage.

Credits Song: Farewell – Pete Masitti – http://us.audionetwork.com/production-music/farewell_52090.aspx

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Ryan Knight says:

Well at least the gtr doesn't swerve all over the road and lol he had to break for the camaros

Shock adelica says:

omg this is hilarious! gtr get'in raped by old fart cars from the 70s. losing 2 outta 4 races from cars with no traction control, no 4wd, no stability, about 6ins. of play in steering, the body roll of a school bus and severely underpowered (just 375hp). gtr groupies love excuses like price differences when their steroid induced hero's get spanked by the likes of koenigseggs. well, same difference here: $120k gtr vs. 5k (when new 75yrs. ago) camaros. this is why gtr owners heavily mod their cars for races because they simply can't win stock!

wild300zx says:

Have another beer good Ol' boys you finally won one at the end. The GTR had only a few stock mods and never had to warm up the tires and all that BS and still took most of them easily. The old hot rods were stripped and lightened as they weigh tons and modded to hell. If I had it to spend I would buy a GTR in a second. Wow the shit you guys call a victory??!! Geez… Personally I would be scared shitless racing next to one of cars as most of them could hardly keep it between the lines while the GTR was straight and grounded. A well tuned out of the box Sports car.

Mike Hammond says:

those cars are having a tough time hooking up

cortney bunge says:

What is song at end in credits

Kurtlar Vadisi says:

Awd dont means it will launch faster, btw the most of the yt vieuwers still dont know that the gtr is a track car, but most of you guys are thinking gtr fan boys are talking, no!! We do know what the Godzilla can do :))

Adam NRG says:

Lets see em do it against an AMS tuned 2000bhp gtr haha.

Rodane Hamilton says:

useless muscle haaaa gtr be like take a seat son

xkiller01x3pecx says:

LOL damn even my dad's tuned '68 Triumph TR250 can beat that japanese piece of shit

xkiller01x3pecx says:

@2:57 lmao dumb nigger lost to a muscle

Peter Rod says:

the concept of a racing motor is the same pump in as much air as possible. more air means more power those turbos would make a 4 cylinder into a big engine. but speed cost money ask the gtr owner how much he has invested on that car this includes the price of the car..$$$$$ did anybody said DRUG DEALER? NAH! he looks like an honest guy!!!!!

NitroTV says:

Fuck me do these muscle guys keep it stock under there and just only make it look ''tough'' ???? Depressing man !!!

Martin Angelov says:

gotta love all the butthurt muscle car guys that their cars on drag radials can't beat a stock grocery car on normal tires… on top of that complaining how easy it is to drive a R35 ah gotta love it let's not point out that any of those cars here stand even a chance against it on the track why not go to Suzuka, Spa, Nurburgring i bet you i'll be scraping american shit out of the first few turns

Angelo Contreras says:

40 year old cars vs modern car what a improvement lo

Liam Goodwin says:

Now let's put those against an SLS and see who wins.

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