An in-depth look of WTF Auto – High performance tuning shop based in Perth, Western Australia

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WTFAuto is a high performance tuning shop based here in Perth, Western Australia. Specializing in all things fabrication, tuning and engine. Everything from 1JZ, 2JZ, to Barra, to LS and even with some Hondas, WTFAuto have risen to the top ranks of Perths modification game by producing some of the most incredible import and domestic cars to ever rip the tarmac.

Recently branched into in-house CNC work, we see what’s going on there and tour the workshop.

We speak to Tristan, the owner and founder and see what makes him tick, makes the workshop tick, and discuss some of the incredible builds happening.

An E30 with a 2jz inside?
A V12 JZA90 Supra?
A 1000hp 2jz Supra?
A V6 turbo MR2?

All are discussed!

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Looped Fruit says:

Great video! I been there once, it's a nice workshop next to another car modifying workshop too.

Hamand Vaid says:

Cool bananas mate. 🙂

Frax 77 says:

Nice work…love it!

TekkitCast says:

Great video man, My R33 is currently there to getting the finishing touches and to get my tune 🙂


dude these are getting so GOODE!

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