Best Tuner Car Exhaust Sounds

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This is a compilation about some of the best sounding tuner cars in the world ranging from top speed runs, launches, and exhaust notes. Each car is unique in its own way 🙂

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Limitless HD says:

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M. Edwards says:

Is that idiot at 4:00 still alive?

BenELITE Est. 2017 says:

1:32 Spread your wings, Subaru WRX!

Rydog5392 says:

0:56 and 1:30 plus 3:45 eargasm

fatalis9000 says:

he has vanoss gaming in his tags for the video XDDDDD

Limitless HD says:

Some Piece Of Crap just stole my video!

Their Channel:

XV30 Lowrider says:

The S2000 hahahahahaha fuck right off. Sounds homosexual.

Limitless HD says:

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DexTer YT says:

3:45 Starting a new movie of the Need For Speed

Smitty SRT says:

best tuner exhaust sounds?? none of them lol

King SESH says:

you can't even see what's goin on in the Integra video and you can tell he's fucking flying

Artsy S14 says:

i think i found an ad for that same r34 on craigslist XD lol he has it up for $130,000

Arjun Achuzz says:

the skyline just vromms

Peter Rasch says:

I loved the sound of my motor and wanted to show it off.
Since my ride was reposessed, I now travel by bus. The plumbing in my apartment has been on the fritz for the past 4 months. Fortunately, I like the smell of my body.

Dilen Skyware says:

Dude that supra wtf
it was damn fast 2000hp??

SidelinesV3 says:

what the name of the exhaust system the skyline r34 was using?

Pat Walker says:

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Limitless HD says:

Thanks for everybody who have watched, liked or disliked the video, and subscribed. This feedback really helps me know how I can improve my content. The fact that this video has now hit 100k views makes me really happy. Thanks again for watching:)

Kevin Jonker says:

Check out this new exhaust design. Best flow and sound available.

Mike Mysegaes says:

Love that KM counter 😀 😀 😀

GameAndElse says:

4:00 he is like "This new VR-NeedForSpeed is very realistic"

It's Dat Evo says:

But still…really? A smart car?

It's Dat Evo says:

100th commenter! Again!

SEee Ladadading says:


Jackson Scottyyy says:

YouTube name Jackson scottyyy

johnny janvier says:

a limited HD I will build me one n find you and we race. ok

johnny janvier says:

I see now smart car racing. and drifting or both.

johnny janvier says:

I like the smart car

Riley Freeman says:

Yellow Silvia sounds like a fart can

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