Crazy Tuner, Ricer, and Race car Crash Compilation

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Alexander Goerke says:

Stupid mustangs

The Mood says:

What did ford do some wrong with making mustangs? There can’t be that many terrible β€œracers” can there?

dylan scronce says:

Why are there mustangs on here…a dam mustang is not a ricer Lmfao

juan rodrigues says:

All the sametimes the blue mustang have the accident e.e

Commenter Guy says:

you don't know what a ricer is hoe

Brittany Hewett says:

I thought this was supposed to be a tuner/ricer crash compliation, not mustangs.

Death Reaper says:

mustangs arent tuners ricers or racecars πŸ˜›

jlc bmx says:

I was so mad when the dude backed into the crx

Explore 101 Urbex says:

I enjoyed that thanks, If you have time can you have a look at my channel πŸ™‚

Kyle says:

This is why if you buy a high performance car. Like a Hellcat, Stingray, Camaro SS/ZL1, and so on. You spend the money to to take a performance driving class to handle your car. It's sad in some of these seeing a 65-120k car destroyed because they don't know how to drive it.

Also you keep playing the same dang clip over and over. You had like 3 of the same in the same video. And everyone of your videos has the same videos on different order.

Haverl says:

classic mustang drivers

1996aviation says:

7:00 sounds like a RC car lol

Master Rahool says:

the first one hurt me

Bleep Blorp says:

That shit box silver neon is still my favorite. What tool

Husopop 61 says:

Lol mustangs

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