Do you want to learn to tune? Here is what you will need.

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Are you new to tuning? Would you like to begin tuning on your own?
This video will highlight what you need to begin tuning on your own.
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Ivan Rodriguez says:

Can this tune my Volkswagen jetta mk4 2.0l?

Charles henson says:

What if you're running split rear exit dual exhaust as in the shelby f150 supersnake

Jason Luongo says:

Would this work to tune a 2006 GMC Envoy SLT?

myth's Vcard says:

I recommend 2 people tuning 1 car

Syed Abdul Aziz Quadri says:

Plz help me out of this

Syed Abdul Aziz Quadri says:

Hello sir
I am mechanical engineer,I want to know about the thinning course complete details where should I go how much the fee and what is the necessary equipment s for that

Redneck Hillbilly country mother trucker says:

Im out when he said 650

Turbo Mustang says:

This is for someone trying to expand into the area of tuning…i.e. mechanic who wants to focus more on performance modifications

Bob Bartos says:

I can tune a piano but I can't tune a fish

Tim Smith says:

Im still confused on how to do this stuff

Darren toews says:

Where can I find someone who does this?

Salvador Marines says:

what do i need to tune my 98 mustang cobra i have the hp pro version and i cant tune my car

Arden Nielsen says:

This is the 3rd time i have had to comment this on a video:
what do you need a wide band sensor, be old school and jet the carb (increase pulse strength, duration, advance timing of fuel injectors) till you start to get a slight un-burnt gas smell… then when ya drive the car it will get hotter and will go away. This is the 3rd time i have had to comment this on a video. and if the cop can smell un-burnt gas out the pipe your getting towed.

david munoz says:

how can i look up the y band

Kyler Anderson says:

I'm still confused, no one on YouTube clarifies this part… Do you need a tunable ecu? Or can you just buy a flash tuner and just re flash the stock ecu?

Thomas Dylan says:

have insta page

GIGI says:

I dont know anything about tuning
I need to start from scratch
so can anyone tell me how I can learn about tuning and parts and how to upgrade the car like puting cold air intake or exhaust or supercharging
Take classes?

Sim says:

I need something for all cars

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