Engine Tuning 101 – Part 1 – Intro, Lambda, Wideband

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Combustion Engine Tuning Tutorial:

Introduction, Oxygen Sensors, Lambda, Wideband O2

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jo noname says:

How dose this not get more likes. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this videos

Glen Brown says:

Great, thanks for taking the time & being so though.

Biss says:

to expand on someone's comment a few months ago, can you recommend any learning resources? books, youtube videos other than your own, or would you recommend a class? Or should I just get out there and start trying

Darryl Mendonca says:


Mason Bradfield says:

Thanks for making these. I'm exited to get Tweecer. The tuner chips and boxes just were not grabbing me cause I'm A D.I.Y. kind of guy. That and I would like to use a larger MAF and injectors from a different car.

Arnold Bliss says:

Good video series thanks!

frankenstein01 says:

sick days of thunder reference bro

silentbravo says:

This series is off to a great start, very interested in watching the rest. Already answered one of my questions in this one. Thanks

FlashxSwazy says:

Bruh. Thank you. Been trying to find videos like this. I have no plan to tune cars but I felt i should at least have an idea of what's going on when tuning since plan to mod my own

federico portuguez says:

I really have no experience with cars but I'm starting intro to auto in college but I eventually want to get to this point of performance tuning, what is the best way to get here?

Muhanna Nasser says:

thank you for sharing the lesson sir . i wounder if such a tuning device can tune all OBD supporting vehicles . im thinking of making an income out of tuning cars here in the middle east (OMAN) . i would like to know the price of the required equipment and to have a training on them how and where ? rgrds.MUHANNA

Flash Tuner says:

Very informative. Thank you for sharing this.

Rick leslie says:

Hello first offyour videos are great! I see your driving a Pontiac Solstice. I have a 07 Sky with what I call a LE61. A 2.4 with a L61 non vvt cylinder head with stage 3 Comp Cams. Also running a 1.6L Lysholm supercharger as well as meth injection and long tube header. my problem is no matter what I try I cant get the fuel trims set right. If I send you my log data and tune can you take a look and see what you think? You can email if you'd like with your response. My email is suprsky@live.com. Thank you Sir.Rick

Talon Lavoie says:

have you ever worked on the bosch E69 ECU 2010 camaro v6 to be exact

Oscar RB says:

this may be a dumb question and mind you, coming from a car noob. I'm thinking about getting a tuner and I'm interested in doing it myself instead of paying for one but I heard you mention 6 and a 8 cylinder cars.. would this apply to 4 cylinders too or should I look elsewhere?

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