My Toyota Paseo L5 – import tuning –

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Drieske’s import styled paseo


Daniel Allica says:

Nice car, can u tell me what brand or model are this seats¿ Thx

Jaime Hernandez says:

if I want a manual swap, what do I need to replaced for the trans?

Zed Light says:

where can you find the body parts? if I want to do that to my Toyota . how would you recommend to Start?

cadetmccoy says:

what body kit is that?

larelijux says:

Jesus, that looks terrible 🙁

Christopher McWatters says:

what did you use to paint the interior I wanna re do mine but idk how to get it clean like that.

Nie Pamietam says:

Anyone know name of this song?

Robert Rodriguez says:

really need help installing an aftermarket radio for 93 paseo

Andy Frederic says:

which gauge using in dashboard? very nice gauges

Rennie Ash says:

A white dash…that must have reflected nicely in the windshield lol 😉

Moulart David says:

who needs power? a paseo is just awesome. nice work man!

TheBlackmask321 says:

awsome build

Arnold Vos says:

nice spoiler

Batzorig Batsanaa says:

Wow nice work. I had that car too.

yezniel sanchez says:

Where do you buy the headlights? I cat my car and I will love to change the headlights

Craig Kulig says:

Noooo take the spoiler off!!! Was pretty clean before the spoiler.. but with the wing its just ricey 🙁

xzier db says:

well, i sold mine 2 years ago, with that money i bought some lexus is200…. so i got lucky 🙂

xzier db says:

i'm living in belgium, if you do anything to the engine, it gets impounted…

xzier db says:

to bad, i sold her 2 years ago

LizardKillerAdamLanza says:

nice man ,looks like a fun car to drive .

putorickforever says:

3:55 duracell kick in yo

Paul Wisdom says:

These cars are a money pit from the point of view they don't hold their value (well, not where I am in the UK). Hell, I paid £330 for mine with a full rare OEM splitter kit, a stainless catback and a set of tidy 17's. But they're good little cars if you can push the money to the side. I know i'm happy doing mine up. It won't be extreme like this, I like the more subtle approach.

SkyFiireTV says:

my dad have 1 paseo , and its all original, i love the car its so amazing , and my dad will ride it until is last breath. He simply love the car . I'm portuguese btw

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