Reacting to old Tuner Builds!

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It’s safe to say car mods and the scene have changed a lot over the years. Andrew has a box of old goodies to show Alex how car modding was back in the early 2000’s. Drop us a comment if you guys remember some of these mods and what you remember from back in the day!

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Jason Ramkishun says:

Between me and my uncle we have all of those issues. I was born in 91 so I was going to shows back then. I personally love those builds. Every car nowadays blend in. Cars back then stood out.

Colin Hawks says:

Import Tuner was the only magazine I ever had a subscription to back when I was a kid…I was so young, dumb, and naive that I ignored the model spreads and only cared about the builds and part ads XD

Spicy Doritos says:

Import scene in the 2000s was a better time than it is now, customizing your car the way you want it to be. Nowadays you would be called a ricer unless you got some explanation on every single mod or aesthetic you have.. I have been to car meets now and 99% of the time everyone is stock inside and outside, no modding nothing maybe just an air intake and a exhaust but thats about all… and of course the stance and slamming I don’t understand whats so great about that, the scene in the 2000s compared to now is more of a downgrade than a Ubisoft game.

2000s: Street racing, bodykits, underglow, vinyls, nitrous, various amounts of customization, everyone respecting each others rides no matter if they preferred looks over performance

Modern day car scene: Stance, slamming, bodykits=“Ricer”, underglow=“Ricer”, stock cars, no standing out otherwise >Ricer
Vinyls> Ricer
Having a 4 cylinder> ricer
Basically any outside customization that gets you to stand out from other cars=“Ricer”. This sums up the depressing, dull car scene we have now…

Austin Horne says:

what do you mean they didnt lower cars back in the early 2000s. Everyone on the west coast at least had our hondas and acuras sitting tucked. God what a time lol.

Ryan says:

I miss those magazines.

Aspxre says:

I'm suuuper late to this video but I actually owned that same orange and purple eclipse hot wheels car hahaha

Pete Quinones says:

Their was JDM and their was Ricers, lots of Ricers! Love the pre F&F days. So many good memories.

Cris Danai says:

Holy Shit, Sport Compact. Damn memories now.

dawson ramdass says:

15:48 "BRZ"
Who else noticed this?

TJ Williams says:

I was a kid growing up in those times and I looked up to cars like that and loved them, now that i'm older and more mature I can say that while those cars back then were super extreme, obnoxious, and silly people really expressed themselves and did whatever the fuck they want. I don't agree with all mods people do to some cars but I do believe you should be able to do what you want with your car. Now a days there's so much hate and toxicity in the car scene its basically like there are factions/groups and you have to belong to one and outside of your faction your hated and shit on…now a days lots of people are afraid to be themselves and mod their car how they want without receiving backlash.

jacob ezell says:

Why don’t we have magazines anymore! I always enjoyed waiting for the new magazine to come in the mail! By the way NOPI Nationals in 2003 Atlanta motor speedway was awesome!

Jeffrey Garcia says:

Damn I do feel old after watching this video. I remember all that; thank you original F&F movie !!!!!!!

luizmakesvideos says:

This makes me want to play NFS Underground. I low key want underglow in my wrx lol.

Justin Okamoto says:

I have an APC seat in my E36.

•Finn• says:

Cool, wish we could see all the shit he's showing the camera on the side.

CJ Walk says:

The uniqueness of it all, cars and owners lost they personality.

Infiniti GTI says:

That Super Street issue with the MR2 was my first magazine I picked up in 5th grade. Since then I’d collect all the magazines, cut or tear out pictures and slap them all over the walls of my room. I should’ve kept them mint for collection though. I haven’t got an issue of SS since JDM Wong left.


Classic stuff right there !that green civic w the blue wheels is killing it even to today’s standards . The build quality was either trash or amazing .

Craig Doughty says:

I just threw out all of my import magazines from 98-04 last month. All these that  you guys gone through I had.

lindo jz says:

Ahhh this is hilarious. Make fun of the trends from the old days, yet you follow today's trends and expect it to be any different in 15 years time? Everyone's gonna look back at these ridiculously stanced cars and laugh.

wah panda says:

miss all my old mags :[

martin villaflor says:

Back when the car scene was more of appreciation than hating despite the taste for design. Something like how Japan still is today. Everyone has a particular character in a car scene where they belong and they wont be hated for it

jontepontepungOfficial Odalgård says:

Am i the only one who reads car magazines?

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