Ricer – Tuners gonna laugh #1 – Ricer Fail Compilation 2016

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Ricer – Tuners gonna laugh – Ricer Fail Compilation 2016 #1 – Fail Collective Channel
This video is a ricer fails and crashes compilations. Compilation of ricers, ricers blowing engine, crashes, fails, ricers vs tuners, ricer wings and other stuff? Well, this is the video compilation for it 🙂
This ricer compilation 2016 is full of people wrecking their cars, the major part of the videos are ricer cars but has some stock cars with stupid people thinking they are racers but they have a ricer mentality. We will do in a near future more videos related with ricers. Ricer vs tuner, what is a ricer, ricer fails and ricer vs sleepers.
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These ricer cars are full of wings, body kits, big loud exhausts, big flashy rimms and wheels, ricer stickers.
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Ricer – Tuners gonna laugh – Ricer Fail Compilation 2016

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Yahir Lopez says:

Rename this title of this video "Ricer/Idiot drivers compilation."

pablosleeping says:

lol @ the guy in the Corvette who thought he was doing a burnout. I like how his friends just let him fry his clutch completely… it's like they already knew he was a douchebag. Yellow attention grabbing Vette and he starts off by saying 'bye bye $600'… might as well have a vape pen and a Bluetooth earpiece….

Rich Delgado says:

I like the plastic tablecloth at 0:39 for the passenger window. That must save a lot of weight! And probably adds at least 34HP to the car!!!

Lord JeSith says:

Japanese cars are far superior to yanky doodle Dandy shit.

B Blessed says:

if you watch car videos a lot it's the same videos on every other channel

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs says:

Do people even know that "ricer" means the automobile is made where people eat rice , instead of pasta ?

lokisgodhi says:

Video made by idiot who doesn't have a fucking clue what a ricer is.

jason roy says:

LMFAO no ram SRT 10 is a ricer. Fail on the producers

jason roy says:

2.26 exactly y if ur gonna use a public road to race on u scout it 1st. Also y u don't have racing newborns calling shots, stupid jackass's

Gator Boy says:

I'm ok with ExoticCars

Cayden Hitt says:

A guy with a GTR isn’t a ricer dumb ass

We Buy Houses says:

half of those cars were no ricers

The Bipolar Bear says:

You just CUT and PASTE etc, everyone else's VIDEOS.

Hans Marquez says:

1:20 I always saw these vid in many compilations.

Katherine Ujhazy says:

who’s gonna let the guy at 4:50 know that he’s burning his clutch out?

James Pratt says:

I remember the days when you could make an ads out of yourself, trying to show off, do something stupid and wreck your car and only a few people found out. I'm glad I grew up and stopped doing stupid cr@p before everyone, their Mom's, and their Grandma had a cell phone who are recording your dumb @$$ and have shared it with everyone before you get out of your ride to pick up your bumper and dignity. Keep recording everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

mareczek00713 says:

Once upon a time there were two noble classes of tuners, similar to nobility and clergy, being sleepers and tuners, both wonderfully upgrading cars insides, with sleepers hiding their cars power and tuners making tasteful visual enhancements to increase aerodynamics, both classes were skilled drivers and so on, then there were automobile city folk, normal drivers with slightly modified cars since they either wanted to have their car slightly faster, use a bit less fuel, look slightly different etc., and then there were peasants, ricers, bad drivers with usually stock insides and monstrociously deformed cars. They all lived as one big tuning fans nation, sometimes a bit arguing, sometimes with nobility laughing at hilarious looks of ricer cars or peasants laughing how, according to their preferences, bland other cars looked like.And then came Lenin of the world of tuning, The Fast and The Furious, accompanied by Stalin, Need For Speed: Underground, and made peasant revolution after which 0,1% are sleepers, 0,2% tuners, 0,7% normies and 99% ricers, either ricer by bad driving, ricer by retarded cars or by both…

Smeef Beef says:

Pretty sure 3:06 isnt a ricer, thats boosted lol

Chris DRMS says:

Ricers = idiots ? I hope NO…

Why Tho says:

The first wasn’t rice, delete the vid most werent

Sedition Society says:

For those who are too young to understand, the word "ricer" has evolved since the 60's/70's even 80's. Back then, if you owned any Japanese import, people would call you a ricer, since there was a lot of national pride in owning domestic American-made cars. Even if it was a 240Z, only true petrol heads would smile but anyone else would look disgusted and tell you to get rid of that ricer. But back then there were many benefits of owning imports, such as great gas mileage compared to most domestic cars. Now'a'days, anyone who cosmetically modifies their car to look race-like and fast with no actual performance modifications are generally known as a 'ricer'. Back then it was any Japanese import, but today even a tricked out low-tier Dodge Neon would be considered a 'ricer'. Things have changed. Personally, I try to avoid using the word at all. It's honestly stupid and sets off too many people anyways like in the comments.

Benjamin Hogervorst says:

You guys have no idea what a ricer even is

xTheNameisEthan says:

If understeering into a curb makes you a ricer ik a lot of rivers

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