SDS imports SAS-12, after some tuning

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Fresh out of the box, this shotgun just barely cycled with slugs,.. now it will feed slugs, buckshot, and other high brass. May be able to cycle low brass high velocity loads also,.. will try them out and post a video when I do.
I still consider this shotgun to be in its “break in” period. We won’t know it’s true capabilities until it’s had 200 or so rounds through it. Which should be up in the next couple of months. I plan to document the process in video as it progresses. See my other video for the light tuning that was necessary to get it to this point, subscribe to see the progress going forward.


MrPancho728 says:

Do you know or anyone know if this gun will fire the high brass quail loads thinking about purchasing this

ej732 says:

Another $300 and you can get a cheetah semi shotty with no ftf's or fte's

aaron mangini says:

How did you convert your 3rd mag to a 4

KC Ghostt says:

No disrespect, but you're not leaning into the gun properly. You're almost leaning back. This kind of gas system needs to be as stable as it can to cycle. Every time you fire it, you move quite a bit. When it moves rearward like that as it fires, the energy that the gun needs to cycle is being lost. Hold the butt stock against a tree or solid object and it would probably have cycled 100% out of the box.

spencer nielson says:

FYI. Most web sights that sell this gun (center-fire systems for one) say you must break in with high brass loads.

peterson1211 says:

I would say, to anyone who gets an example of this shotgun that refuses to cycle semi-auto,.. to make friends with someone who can weld and fabricate. I believe it would be pretty easy to convert this to a pump shotgun. ( remove the first inch or so of the piston so it doesn't cycle with gas, and attach a pump forend so you can pump cycle it. ) similar to some of the cheaper AKM pattern rifles that they converted to pump action in the past. Now before everyone gets upset that we're taking a step backward by making it a pump,.. think about the current price of say, a mossberg sidewinder, or similar. 130.00 for a magazine fed pump shotgun plus some elbow grease is still a lot better than the 5-700 or so it costs for a mossy mag fed or similar pattern shotgun. Just an idea for anyone who gets a dud.

EM Shorts says:

What all did you have to tune on it?

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