Top 10 Sports Cars Under $5000

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This is my list for best sports cars under $5000! This video was mostly intended those who are just starting in the car scene. That’s why I didn’t mention something like an RX-8 or cars that are usually great swap candidates like an sc300. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for watching!
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HYPeRSkilz says:

Hey so where are you finding a Mazda speed 3 under 5k????

Fank Daggot says:

you can't get a vr4 for 5k unfortunately

Andrew Wyckoff says:

The 1993 to 1998 supra

Andrew Wyckoff says:

What about the Toyota Supra, one of the best cars my guy

Nate Littlefield says:

Damn no cobalt ss

Russell French says:

Mini Cooper?

Manuel Ernesto says:

I got a eg hatch with a k series shit is fucking fast and only 3k beacuse i had to do some bodywork

nukeurhouse12 says:

Here list of quick cars for under 5K….year varies!
Lexus 400SC
Legacy GT
BMW z3
Acura TL type S
old Supra, old RX7
Mercedes S500
Audi S4 +2002
2.0 Genesis
Forester XT
Civic si
Mazda 3 speed
Porsche 924
Porsche 944

Paradise Prod says:

you shouldve put 3000gt. can find a whole lot of base and sl's out there for cheap, the na's are really good and the vr4 swap is plug and play if you want more power (cant make it awd) but youll spin everywhere its fun

spooky says:

Why the fuck his head shaped like that.

Navy SEALS Rock says:

Never ever ever get a mustang. My dad is a mechanic and he told me that mustang's always have problems. Mostly shitty transmissions

Ilijah311 says:

God damn you’re ugly

Austin Mosley says:

Wait, I have an Integra

Marc Daoust says:

I know all of them are under 5000$ but you should have tell the lrice of all the car

Kaleb Woody says:

The 3000gtvr4 isn’t 5k the regular 3000gt is but the 3000gtvr4 is above 12000

Mitchell Staley says:

“Look at me i hate hondas im a car genius lol hondas cant be fast.” Listen up all you dummys in the comment section you get a 2000lb car and stick a motor in it that has 180 horsepower its gunna fly

joshua onuoha says:

O8 impala ss v8 over 300hp

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