Top 8 Budget Cars To Get You Into Tuning (Part 1)

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Abi Klein says:

civic hatch is cheaper than all those and can be the fastest of em all

Abi Klein says:

what about the civic hatch

Darkshark Lp says:

When I look up the Audi TT in wikipedia the first gen Audi TT is pretty unsafe for a beginner I wouldn´t recommend to buy it

Evan Acey says:

The engines offered in the mkiv gti are a 2.0 I4, a 1.8T, a TDI, and a 2.8L VR6. (One exception being the R32, which was released in '04 and came with a 3.2L VR6 & was AWD). A 2.3L V5 was never offered in the mkiv gti… At least not in the US.

Scott Scooters says:

I want 3 cars in my life MK4 Volkswagen Golf tuned BMW 3 series E36 tuned Audi A4 avant 2004 tuned

Ondřej Hazuka says:

Older Mustang? In my country older mustang (like one in video) is actually more expensive than 5 years old one.

J K says:

ever heard of the ford Barra turbo , 350hp stock
I've spent 20k on mods including a race tranny build and i have 600hp. and it eats most cars in Australia.

Albert S. says:

the best mustang for tuning is the s197


which car is shown on the thumbnail?

Khun's Kuma says:

what happen to honda ek or integra or delsol or prelude or eg or rsx C'mon man

tuning tube says:

Nice video! keep it up, grtz

Josh Nixon says:

I would add the 1993-2002 Camaro Z28 and SS to this list. Decent cars can be had for less than 6,000 bucks now.

Zenthis Gaming says:

Intro song?

eRa Sniping says:

My neighbour has a mk1 tt

Gabriel Crăciun says:

Pls the intro song

Linus Thunberg says:

or just a saab with t5 engine? cheapest way to go 500hp!

Brennan Doehring says:

This video lost all credibility when they said 240SX has high reliability.

CSVisuals says:

Is the s13/s14 legal in America?

Gamingchannel304 Channel says:

whats the opening song? i love it tho

Triple259772 says:

Gti isn't going to get you into tuning, that's just gonna make you broke.

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