Tuner Cars Leaving a Car Meet – June 2017

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Some modified cars leaving Reading Jap Meet, June 2017.

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AZ Jay says:

5:30 what car is that?

Mark Barraclough says:

That RX7, made the Rozzers look amateurs lol

Illuminati aqi says:

Wtf 4:44 really did he go after that guy

Bill Kerman says:

2:50 A small simple car but the only car out of all of these that gives me goosebumps. Guys, if you ever have the chance to drive a 4age do it. It is the most rewarding thing for reasons i cannot explain in words.

T C says:

Ruined the area

Alessio James says:

what car in 08:13?

MajKk says:

7:59 Here you can see what a 23 year old virgin guy stands for..

Frano says:

1:40 something fell off lool

Josh Barnes says:

Guy in the RX-7 caught by police. Serves you right prick

Josh Barnes says:

3:05 That one kid who thinks he is Ken Block when he passes his test and gets a shitty fiesta

Josh Barnes says:

This is the poorest crappy car meet I've ever seen.

Makenzie Child says:

11:21 Anonymous

Makenzie Child says:

7:58 massive ass fart

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