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The 2013 Import Tuner calendar is here and ONLY available on newsstands with the new poly-bagged February issue. Here’s a quick video teaser of what you can …


MrJdm321 says:

who’s the cutie at 1:34? with the sexy tat

Juan Ybarra says:

Who did the sound track for this vid, loved it. Real smooth.

justinpow92 says:

Cina Luks

klumzyee says:

Christine Huang I believe

ron baker says:

my Fav video for 2013

vietladin says:

Would be great, if all these girls decided to do porn. LOL!

prizzom says:

she’s the girl thats on the cover of this months issue of IT.

ThisLiLAznKiD says:

thinking about you by frank ocean

TheKnightRider24 says:

All these women are sexy, period!

alex emiko o'neal says:

christine huang damn i got a girl crush on you

Pidlaoan says:

Janey B

Lauren Porter says:

0:42 omg

Pidlaoan says:

Who’s that at 1:00?

UCCarCrew says:

Cina Luks

MiOEvO says:

Wow… i’d absolutely LOVE to bring one of my cars to an event like that

LSTHLionDance says:

yeah, i’d like to know what remix/version of this song too

TheOxyMorin says:

First woman had my attention!!!

NikevsJordansxD says:

1:33 – 1:37 damn….

sofakingeuro says:

Song is Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)

RJ Borja says:

Ryan Hemsworth Remix

Cyro Bacos says:

Who’s the girl from 1:23 to 1:33?

1ShotBlue says:

i fapped to the thought of my first car. while listening to this song. JIZZ

SlowStacker47 says:

Song name please.

94blckhawaiian says:

@ItaliaFaith brought me here!

Smellygrace says:

Good job everyone;)

Pidlaoan says:

Who’s that at 0:31?

Mario Jose Gonzalez says:

I have sugar coated thoughts for all of them beauties!!! Oh sweet thoughts,
sweet thoughts of mine! X^}

Ge0vone says:

Name of song?

ron baker says:

molly was soooooooooo hot

NikevsJordansxD says:

whos the girl at 1:33 with the cherry blossom ???

anasim says:

Had to watch this on mute.

angelzfan714 says:

Wheres my women melyssa grace lol

MrFlakeezy says:

Melyssa grace all day!!!

MrMicheleeee says:

i came here for cars, but i am not disappointed

acarlos818 says:

I just LOVE this video!! Mega hot girls and an amazing song!

Jared Smith says:

Tailyr Monette, oh dear God yes!

lolita violita says:
Hollywood Chronicles says:

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