86FEST Import Car Show Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota AE-86 @ Fontana Auto Club Speedway

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http://www.autobytel.com/scion/fr-s/2013/?id=32972 Autobytel’s own FR-S fanatic T.J. Keon was recently invited out to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA for t…

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ArtOfBaccarat says:

I own a white one. Inside is a little boring. Wow! The kits are really

Nathan Daignault says:

best building platform to build on! think of the frs or sti, I do live in
Canada so it does snow a lot lol

XyreDanny says:

is it the same as subaru brz

NemanjaGuitar says:

Bring this show to INDIANA!!!!

MrBIGSLAB101 says:

Guys hp just costs money but making ur car 1k lighter now that really
difficult so im a ford guy thru and thru but my next platform will be a frs
cause once its fully built with the power to weight ratio its gonna rip!

charles rebugio says:

i own a red one 🙂 haha well yeah its on my pic lol

Wil Walker says:

You guys should come to the east coast!

charles rebugio says:

when i was reading comments below i realize some people really hate the
brz/frs hahaha but dont hate . lol. and dont compare a 5.0 or a stock turbo
to an frs cause its different lol.

Dom Marchiafava says:

What kind of seat covers are in the matte blue frs?

yoshikiguitar says:

SUBARU Is so great!!!

trumpetdudekjk says:

+Genesiscoupe3000 You’re really dumb to compare the V6 Gen coupe to the FRS
when clearly they were never meant to compete as they are different engine
categories. Anyone that’s as ignorant as you will always just point out
that your car is trash compared to a 5.0 Mustang… Need I say more?

T.J. Keon says:

Thanks to everyone who made 86FEST possible!

NeutralGenericUser says:

This is great! I really like Antonio. Seems like a really cool guy 🙂

Lee Wang says:

they put this event together in only 3 weeks? planning and promoting? yeah

masterwon says:

you do realize one of the iconic ferrari’s, the 288 gto (f40’s
predecessor), came from the 80’s. you have no idea what you’re spouting.
the 80’s attributed to a huge evolution of car design. gtfo of here with
your caps talking like a boss you don’t know shit.

Chase Prollock says:

3:04 The red FR-S belongs to Ken Gushi

bebebenobe888 says:

cool!(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ )

Turning Gears says:

I bet you think Mustangs are the coolest thing to ever hit the road..
Ignorant Troll.

PussMag says:

did that lil RC 86 run over by the real 86?


kill you’r self

DarkClanZone says:

If you get a car for just power, you are missing out.

CaliPatriot88 says:

You’re out of your mind and apparently have no taste either.

ToxicAsian says:

No taste.

328Jacko328 says:

Work Meister M1r or Rota MXR

FRosTy says:


Parker Sin says:

I believe those are rotas, that’s my friend’s car

Punjabi192 says:

The genesis handles like a pig and has a gearshift that feels like mud. . .

851995STARGATE says:

You’re right, pathetic children shouldn’t be allowed to comment on the
aesthetics of the original AE86

lbori1 says:

@geovone that’s coo bro nice story, but the 86 will have no more history
after this either won’t even be a racing car just a nice lil daily driver
on the other hand. Have u seen the gt300 brz yeah that’s gonna be racing

Chase Prollock says:

Oh so they talk to him later in the video….. Ok then.

1979irock says:

Sweet car : ]

kuna dread says:

that car is not even a toyota it subaru

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