CHEAT! Import Tuner Challenge

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RMAffiliations says:

first portion S15 Level 3: engine, transmission, body weight, etc. Tires
=medium Rim size +1 Suspension: Camber= -2, -1 Toe= 0,0 Damper=-1,-1
spring=-2,-2 Height=-5,-5 or -3,-2(see which is better for your style)
Gears: 1st=40 2nd=63 3rd=85 4th=106 5th=122 6th=151 Reason why i set these
ratios short because your turn more then u do straights. Having this set up
will give you more turning and gripping ability around the corner. ur going
to drift the corners, but you wont spin out. I use MT

machoadan says:

@DarkNatasX well duh…it was going to be called txr360 but they changed
the name…

Trueshadow000 says:

back when G4 was actually watchable……

EzCo Audi says:

@BigRed10287 fine then lol

EzCo Audi says:

ya cause this doesnt look like need for speed underground 2 at all….

machoadan says:

@foxdemon226 ye i got told by my mate =p…i feel a bit stupid now lol

BigRed10287 says:

Good question. The best balanced vehicle I’ve driven so far in reality
would actually the Mazdaspeed 6. Best bang for the buck in all around
performance would have to be 99-04 V6 5 speed Mustangs, can pick them up
super cheap , easy to work on, and for less than a grand make it as fast as
any GT of the same year not to mention that it has better weight balance
than its GT brethren. But I’d pick a Noble M15 if I ever had the chance.

Ryo Kamenashi says:

@BigRed10287 What is your idea of a well balanced, proper and pure driver’s

jacob Stine says:

@machoadan nope its a sequal to a gaming sereis from the ps2 call toyko
xtreme racer and shutiko battle x

MetalheadEchidna says:

about the live mode.. i cant play on it, and i’m connected to xbox live..

machoadan says:

tokyo extreem racer spin off ftw lol XD

BigRed10287 says:

@Tatersalad0504 It’s actually a just a fine tuned remake of a street racing
game much older than the original need for speed underground, Tokyo
Extreme, has the same exact bosses and teams too. It’s by far the single
best street racing game out there. They’ve got the driving physics almost
perfect to reality.

Deadpoolicious says:

if anyone here gets bored of the game then they truly dont like cars :T, i
love it

EnsaneProductions says:

@foxdemon226 I’m actually playing TXR 3 right now. saving up for xbox360 to
get this game.

Michael Medina says:

Back when G4 was actually worth watching…

jacob Stine says:

@EnsaneProductions thne t went the 350z but the 93″ rx7 is the fastrest
beginner car and the rx8 is the best handling beginner car

BlueKitsuneX10 says:

I finished the game with toyota supra turbo one car

machoadan says:

@DarkNatasX -.- a spin off is like a sequal to a game/movie but has a
different name…like the TV show Joey was a spin off from Friends…

BigRed10287 says:

@Tatersalad0504 Race all the time actually. My family has been in racing
since the 40’s. My 74 chevelle have a 540hp 6.0 LQ9 carbed, TKO 600 behind
it, 12 bolt swapped in with an eaton true trac. And my daily is a 2001
Ranger with a 2.5L 4 cylinder with a holset HX35 turbo making around
280-300 at the tires. I’ve never raced a well prepped road course though,
just small tracks that aren’t suited far a car as big as my chevelle.

machoadan says:

@DarkNatasX no i said SPIN-off not rip off…there is a difference

EnsaneProductions says:

@foxdemon226 Actually it continues where TXR 3 left off 🙂 the locations
are identical. (except for the added ones)

2010pendulum says:

wat f****** cheat!!!

DarkNatasX says:

@machoadan But you called it a Rip-Off of Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

insanityawakens says:

@Dimoxa90 CHEAT! is the name of the show. The basically tell you about
current games and if possible, eploit some of the basic, and sometimes
advanced cheats of the game. As far as I know, Cheats don’t exist in this
game, and Gameshark has a strong possibility of crashing the disc forever.
So my advice would be, don’t ever cheat, cause it weakens the games replay
value (in my opinion).

BigRed10287 says:

@Tatersalad0504 Plus I happen to own both NFS Shift as well as Import Tuner
Challenge, along with Forza 3 and 4. Out of all of them I like the physics
on Shift the least. LOL.

MrLeorazo says:

Its not the worst 360 racing game,but its boring and mediocre,so I give it
a 5 out of 10

EnsaneProductions says:

@foxdemon226 I’m a Nissan person.

EzCo Audi says:

@BigRed10287 no offense but im gonna have to go ahead and say that the
shift series from need for speed has the physics down. sliding and turning
plus traction and all that. i dont know if you have ever been in or driven
a car with over 500 hp but the shift series nailed it

DarkNatasX says:

@machoadan It was made by the same people. lol

ilikecandy96 says:

Hit x and you’ll drift nicely through turns avoiding the walls.. SMACK!

jacob Stine says:

@EnsaneProductions ahhh las t 1 i played was TXR zero tht had major are
differences cept for Loop

Drift nut says:

i started off with nissan silvia s15 then nissan skyline gtr r32 then gtr
r34 r34 is the best car ever!:)

daniel sweeney says:

more like a guide… lol hit x to drift better worst cheat evaaaa XD

DarkNatasX says:

@machoadan So what’s the Difference?

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