Full-Race 40r Import Tuner Photoshoot WRX

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Behind the Scenes Import Tuner Photoshoot with Josh Mackey of www.mackeydesigns.com. Feature/Cover Car 2006 Subaru WRX SEMA Widebody by Mobworks Cosworth Lon…


FloImpreza says:

saw you impreza on nasioc, nice work

420benihana says:

that is a sexy beast.

Script says:

the music, its epic.

Dave says:

HRE 590R 18×10 +25 Rear/ +30 Front

stealthmarine says:

dude i love this issue of import tuner… this is my favorite car im pretty
sure, i’ve always loved sti’s but this one…. it’s over the top….

Jose Jaquez says:

@dudley1231 thanks!! they look sick!

KuostA says:

sexy as hell.

Jose Jaquez says:

what rims are those and what size??? help me out!!

Hargak says:

What intake is that?

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