Hot Import Nights 2012 Cars & Girls | HIN Pomona

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If you missed Hot Import Nights 2012 in Pomona CA, then watch this video! We show you the cars, girls, rims, engines, babes, gogo dancers, and more! The Pomo…


UnrelatedNonsense says:

I still can’t get why people think that putting a ton of negative camber on
a car looks good, its rides like crap and just looks plain stupid.

MarcDaShark812 says:

I’m sitting here wondering how someone can be amazed by import. They’re
just toy cars with stickers. Muscle is where it’s at. (Personal opinion
don’t take it the wrong way)

jubyvera662 says:


Jewfro says:

What the fuck was that crap cars exept one good Lambo and barley any girls.

idriftf1 says:

Oh yes.

DriftingPanda says:

And expensive

that jamaican guy says:

perfect day!

vadim medvedev says:

What is the Name of the Song please respond!! 🙁

idriftf1 says:

Yes, You’re cray

SicknessBeatz says:

daaamn, look at them cars *-* & What song is dat?

DriftingPanda says:

You only like Lambo because it’s fast.

destruction12100 says:

i love them cars but i love the models more!

killersushi99 says:

My wife wants that Honda Fit! XD She didn’t get to see the bikini girl
part…I call that editing. XD

Sonic Electronix says:

And we’re all cray!

lrgonzalez10 says:

am i cray are did the cars make me harder than the girls

Hondaegpower says:

Because no one likes a dumbass Lamborghini

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