Import Ricer’s Suck Tuners VS American Classic Muscle Cars (Real Cars)

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This Video is Dedicated to JP Import owners & Ricer’s which they are 2 differ…


Ibrahim Moizoos says:

u mad bro? i think u are stupid kid?

Glascow says:

HAHAHA YES this is my new favorite video

supersmashist says:

Anyone who says that a supra or an evo is ricer shit is just a

rex3453 says:

Like the video, but it is stupid to shit on all import cars and label them
as Rice….especially fucking European cars, that’s pure idiocy, and this
is coming from a 2001 Trans Am WS6 owner. You’re only a true car lover if
you can see the good in all cars and not just be bias about everything.
Also, the Toyota gas pedal sticking thing last year came out to be just a
stupid report to get American Automotive industries up, FYI.

5446jesse619 says:

I like the speed and look of a muscle but o don’t hate rice because it
doesn’t go good with steak

burnbabey12 says:

@dukeracing50 Ya bout that compare a muscle car to a sti there isn’t much
more you can do to a sti a car like a 68 camaro with the 396 i can get it
to crank out over 800hp without a super or turbo charger so ya don’t think
so… oh ya lets see how the StI stacks up against a ford GT don’t think so
that smells like burnt rice to me bahahahahaha.

Tek Torss says:

There’s no replacement for displacement? It’s called a turbocharger. Look
it up. They’ve been around for awhile.

21eastern says:

dude this video sucks you should pro drifters in muscle cars then fuckin
honda rally cars to like 50 mph in the woods id like to see a mustang win a
world rally champion ship and not all imports are ricers last time i check
the supra you ext out can do 7sec quarter mile and an eg hatch fwd ive see
do 8sec all day ………….WITH 4 cylinders not imagine it honda made a
v8 they would be running fuckin 2 second 1/4 miles and the muscle car doin
4 seconds was probly on 1/8th mile

kevin kim says:


tonderai263 says:

american muscle is bullshit those cars have big v8 /v12 lumps yet they are
smoked by smaller jap engines like the 2jzgte and rb26


HEY read this if you have been brainwashed by your dad and his corvette
cult or your older brother and his rice gang: NOT EVERY CAR IS GOOD, BUT A
GOOD CAR CAN BE MADE ANYWHERE. Whether that be in your neighbor’s garage, a
German assembly line, or in a Detroit factory. Respect your brother with
his turbo Mazda, Respect your sister with her Porsche boxter. We are the
car people don’t fight your comrades.

sodapo461 says:

Muscle cars are stupid. Imports are stupid. Cars in general are stupid.
Everyone should get an airplane/helicopter Now were talking about fast!!!!!!

cavanfamily12345 says:

a real car dont need any modifications to race… tru muscles owns!!!!

diego8558 says:

tuners hates ricers too….and ricers is not define by the car you own, its
the owner of that vehicle….just saying….

Lupillo says:

American muscle kicks import ass any day and every day

TheSilversrt8 says:

Awesome video

wsgchopper says:

@EliteLoveday23 what in the blue hell does chruches have to do with
anyhting in this video its a vid about cars not religion so go bitch
somewhere else troll

tuXedoMask says:

Wow you really sat and made this video for what reason? What a tool! You
say rice because you have no respect. Ugly bad sounding Honda’s are just as
bad as a green stang with gold wheels and a huge wing. Real Motorsports
enthusiasts are riders . Hate vids like this are by and for D*riding
youtube enthusiasts . Why is there a Sport compact FWD class in NHRA tough
guy, rice? Whats more annoying a FF with a huge wing or a guy who sits
making hate vids about FF’s with big wings? #getalife

Dry8Ice says:

@timmy2590 the tundra doesnt count. thats pretty much an american truck if
you think about it. it was designed and built here in the U.S. and its only
available in the north american market.

aksamurai01 says:

sad part is iv seen civics and s2000 wrx evos beat the shit out of
slowmestics a lot i know my nsx will kill a new gt500

Smoove D says:


sodapop554 says:

@50908 Well I agree that I hate ricers, personally I’d like to build an AWD
American car/truck. Although your way of saying how “ricers suck” doesn’t
really gain as much support as it could. I’ve argued with punks before,
responding in the same way they do doesn’t persuade them, all it does is
create more recoil. Love the song, however the adolescent trolling methods
should go, if done I’m pretty sure the dislikes would fade dramatically.

Dry8Ice says:

@ProtoPaintBallz good point, but a person tuning up their import will spend
thousands of dollars for upgrades wher you can pretty much get that power
stock in a camaro ss or challenger srt8.

dojOdRiFTeR says:

@50908 ricer cars suck dick

2002yz250 says:

@johnnybravo234 hell ya, fuck ricers!

tuXedoMask says:

Why does NHRA have a compact sport FWD class if they are not real cars you
ignorant fucktard. You obviously have too much time on your hands and so
you sit in front of your computer just so you can make vids and trash talk
to other people for enjoying motorsports so somehow, i guess you can almost
feel better about yourself SMH. What is more annoying a FF with a huge wing
on it or a guy who makes hate vids about FF cars with huge wings? You give
real enthusiasts a bad hateful image. #Getalife

Smoove D says:


A bag of crisps says:

@50908 GT40 is british. But yeah hondas are for children.

Matt Sabbah says:

ummmm dude i love american muscle and hate ricers dont get me wrong but
theres a lotta things wrong with the video… like when ur talking about
fwd and showing cars crashing, thats a ford focus, an AMERICAN car. also
the bugatti is the fastest street legal car in the world, not the saleen,
and then u talk about trucks? LOL

JCBMX35 says:

HA that’s why I just saw a supra ” ricer” smoke the shit out of a
muscle!!!! Yeeeee

Tek Torss says:

I like the little bit about corners. All those cars you showed can’t hold
on with the back wheels. Drifting is a show, not an efficient way to race.
Unless of course the angle of the turn is past a certain degree. All of
which in this video were not. And showing clips of a couple of cars
flipping in no way constitutes as proof of anything. I could find just as
many, if not more, of muscle cars flipping in turns.

the934x4 says:

@dukeracing50 Lets see, stock, a 64 Dodge 330 w/ the factory maximum
performance package(426 Hemi/ 3 speed A-727, sprints to 60 in4.1 sec,
running the 1/4 in 11.4. No electronic engine management system, no
digi-shift 5 speed titanium tranny. How fast does an STi run, 12.5 sec?
Give me one 4,200 lb ricer that can hit 243mph with only some seats
removed, carb and cam swapped. With a 4 spd manual, like the 69 Charger
Daytona. Dumbass

Tyler Durden says:

I find it funny that you are trying to diss imports when stock wise the
STI, EVO, and Supra are all faster on the 1/4th than Muscle Cars and the
Fastest Street legal car is an STI

dukeracing50 says:

You act as if every import is a ricer. This isn’t true. An STI could kick
any stock muscle car any day. So for you people who relate import with
shitty ricer, you have another thing coming when you see me pull up beside
you in my srt civic si. Then you will be embarrassed.

darkbike80 says:

muscle for life


HEY read this if you are just getting into cars and have been mind fucked
by your brother and his civic or your dad and his corvette. Its all about
having an open mind. A GOOD CAR CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE that is the golden
rule for any true car enthusiast. keep in mind there is no ultimate car.
RESPECT: if your a muscle car guy go to a european show and learn
something. If your a euro car guy go visit a tuner show. Be a role model,
learn to appreciate something about all makes and models.

92greenz34 says:

new honda civic mileage:29 new ss camaro 24… civic hp 197 camaro hp
426… well if the ricers wana bitch about mileage you get 17.75mpg per hp
with th camaro and only 6.79 mpg per hp with the honda… so u might save a
few dollars ( you will still have to fill up more with that tiny tank) but
you would have WAY more fun with your gas in the camaro

aweuif0994 says:

all i got to say is this video is plain stupid and ignorent i love both
muscle and tuner cars both are capable of makeing great power for example i
love the shelby gt 500 super snake but also love the lexus lfa both are
fast cars i love the sound and the fact that a v8 can make 800hp on all
motor no turbo no nos but also love the fact that a 4cyl can also make
800hp with 4 less cyl not hateing on either i love both

n1u2t3z4 says:

a video made for the ignorant single minded/ opinionated community that
have an i.q lower than 10… remember muscle head community! having a
muscle car doesnt compinsate for a bigger anything! XD funny thing is 30%
of the cars in the video wernt even american muscle.. fail.. “muscle cars
are the best”, “muscle cars all day”, “muscle cars own”; pointless comments
that make americans look very uneducated.. oh excuse me for unintetionaly
describing this video.. =P


HEY read this if you are just getting into cars and have been brain fucked
by your brother and his civic or your dad and his corvette. Its all about
having an open mind. A GOOD CAR CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE that is the golden
rule for any true car enthusiast. keep in mind there is no ultimate car.
RESPECT: if your a muscle car guy go to a european show and learn
something. If your a euro car guy go visit a tuner show. BE A ROLE MODEL,
learn to appreciate something about all makes and models.

Bob H says:

SIR! Than-Q Sooo Much for posting this vid! We are SOOO DONE with ricers!
For years, I’ve been try’n to show kids what the real ‘road metal’ can do
and this is it. Squat Boxes (aka Ricers) just don’t have it….and they
look stupid too! Cheerz!

Gabriel B. says:

Vipers FTW

burnbabey12 says:

@Alexgotnicebody Uh dude I’ve been building drag street circuit and drift
cars for years sorry but Imports don’t come close. The automobile was made
and america and only makes sense if we made it first we are the ones that
are going to make it the best.

Mariomonsta says:

What about all the bids where imports beat muscle cars?

Tek Torss says:

@Warblade118 A turbo is, pretty much by definition, a replacement for
displacement. Not arguing that v8’s can’t get huge power. Just arguing that
dumb statement.

ps3dethman1 says:

@toudog69 look up chevy 555… there is a vid of a chevy ss with a stock
555 running 9sec

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