Import Tuner 2002

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przemo881 says:

Definitely! That girls is awsome ^^ there is another girl that’s so
grrrr… 😀 that girl with checkered pink bikini 😀 I WANT HER ^^ hehe

hmong power says:

forget the car, go for the woman

loudmant says:

Tired of seeing boney as bones shaking hell show more cars less bones

Mateusz Ogr says:

The name of song is :Foggy – Come Into My Dream

TangIsHere says:

This is stupid! You call it import life, might as well call it Ricers
enjoying live lesbian action.

ziutekk12 says:

te 13 tysięcy to chyba ja nabiłem ;D

przemo881 says:

exactly!! ^^ she’s on 3:05 and 3:09

monyeyou says:

nelly tip drill is shit.

Slapio5 says:

o em gie iks de lol

the_J says:

no not the 1 in pink.. the 1 after 3:09 that’s wat i mean..

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