Import Tuner Challenge-Bobby’s RX-8

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My Mazda RX-8. The Body kit is the same as the RX-8 in the Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift.


lorenzotjhee says:

thank you i have a 350z now all parts lvl6 i had a skyline R32 but the
parts where to expensive thank you for the tips ;D Whats you gamertag?

checkityo455 says:

import tuner ! the wiked game of all (my fav game!!!)

Ahron Dixon says:

wat is gud with ur cars being red and orange?????????

xxxREDOXxxx says:

cool car, i like the body kits and the neon color, but the pulse neon is
terrible, maybe you can put normal one or led neon

omedina13 says:

were did u get this game?

live2skk8 says:

is there a free roam in this game?

tuberguy1000 says:

i knew that about the body kit

Celldweller90 says:

ok, the body kit is right.^^

lorenzotjhee says:

for years


Ya man what’s your live username

s12ray says:

what game is this

Gummby69 says:

Bmwm3lover can u put a cage in the car and can u make a video shwoing the
engine modifications not just the extiror mods

TMStopmotion says:

yo man wanna play sometime wid me cuz like no one plays?

mitchcook420 says:


berony65 says:

orange is hard color to make look good, gj!

checkityo455 says:

pid night club is also good both are good

holdenssruless says:

when u get to 3.0 does it triple the money u get??



RS358 says:

import tuner challenge


Yah dude. Should have it up by either tommorow or Monday. Check back.


First of all thanks! And when I was starting off I just raced a lot. I’m
sorry but I don’t really have many tips. I saved up and got an R34, and
with that car you can beat anyone. I recommend starting off with a 350Z,
and saving for an R34. It takes a bit, but once you get it the money really
starts flowing in. Also, head for the underground garages, a lot of racers
with deep pockets hang out down there. Hope this helped! And thanks again!

3G4life1990 says:

must get game =D

skate4life358 says:

yo. whats are some really good gear ratios. my rx8 isnt doing good.


Import Tuner Challenge

Celldweller90 says:

but it was light blue and black

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