Project-Definition | Extreme Autofest 2014 (Import Tuning Coverage)

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Another car show in the books! Last year’s Extreme Autofest (EAF) was a hit and here I am again covering the event! Sadly, it’s at the same time as Wekfest L…


DubstepCamper says:

Awesome video and good choice of music, nice job Andrew!

Jasper Ibe says:

wicked video…what lens are you using?

Jordan Martinez says:

What are Hondas doing there? They don’t belong in the same show as GT-R and
the other beautiful cars in this video. Shame.

JDM Alliance Honduras says:

I enjoy your videos so much! Please keep it up!

Nicholas Killian says:

How do you get the moving shots not all shaky? Great Cars btw!

Nelson Nguyen says:

great vid. This event was great! what song is this?

ThrillDopeS says:

Bro how do you know when the events happen? 

huntomon says:

thank you for putting the music credits in there! such awesome footage!
keep up the great work!!

mreuter1222 says:

What kind of camera and setup do you use to film these events????

Steven Armijo says:

Sick video! I was at Wekfest the same day, and wasn’t able to make it to
EAF. Glad to see some great footage and editing to enjoy the experience! 

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