Project-Definition | Extreme Autofest 2014 (Import Tuning Coverage)

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JDMhub says:

some excellent camera work don’t you guys agree?

Com.plex says:

What’s the song name?

johny s says:

Hello how are you doing. I was watching your videos and many more and
notice that your videos like others have copyrited music but are still
Monetize. I am a new youtuber and hoping to create videos like yours also
but i cant figure out how to be able to use copirited music and still be
able to Monetize my videos..Could you please give me some direction on what
to do?

RYF says:

Excellent work !
It look like a pro video.

杨杰 says:

oh~those girls~can i ask which country is this video made in? i hope one
day this awesome party could also happen in New Zealand

JDMhub says:

Project-Definition | Extreme Autofest 2014 (Import Tuning Coverage)

Ant Gibbons says:

This is what I hope heaven is like…

ishmel albert says:

What kind of BMW were shown ?

Edward Wang says:

1:31 name… that is all.

Ben Beath says:

definitely some great photography and filming there! some of the effects
are a little.. odd but otherwise a great film! would it have been possible
to have different angles? maybe not all that smooth I get it but from a bit
higher would have been nice, past engine bays etc

Sky Hast says:

Music video ?

sbcpaacker66 says:

Who’s the model at 0.54?

Luke Kindred says:

That opening evo 8 has to be my absolute favourite car forever and I really
hope to own one one day

FourTwentyProducts says:

i fucked all these bitches

SlickmberOfcl says:

Girls looking like Michael Jackson lol. But damn, that Volvo thou.

Brandon Honguyen says:

Song: 3lau- how you love me

HeatiMiami says:

The girl in tribal clothes, holy shit.

gustavo muniz says:

What white Ferrari is that?

Kenny Sirivongxay says:

i love you guys

g2gfeedcamel says:

Wish I lived in Socal

Silverio Torres says:

I went to this event. It was a show not to miss.. Great work guys!!!

SticKy RSTCenter says:

I really want to hear the sound of cars…

carlos munoz says:

Name of the song

SuperMarshall1986 says:

Was the ep3 type r or type s a big seller in the us

TheMark8567 says:

Awesome thanks for shooting my team “auto fusion” 

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