Race Hub Chicago at Tuner Galleria 2012

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Tuner Galleria 2012 Chicago at the Donald E Stevens Convention Center. I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHTS TO THE MUSIC HEARD IN THIS VIDEO ARTIST: SKRILLEX SONG: SU…


Chris Bee says:

That’s what I was looking for ! Great video and music !! Thank you very
much Nevermore707

lalalandholly says:

fuckin sweet. wish i woulda went

Antoine J Brumfield says:

@BoRoKo55 thanks. did you go to the show?

Tony Simon says:

Good work Antoine turned out great!!! cant wait to get some rolling shots
and video of my car this year.

nomore4methanks says:

1:54 i love you…….. that girl is a beauty

Noel Aito says:

5:53…..sick wheels bro!!

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