Top 15 Best Import / Tuner Cars

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This is a list of all my favourite Import Tuner cars and please subscribe!!!


raxmarrone says:

no mazda rx8? and there’s no such thing as a mazda rx7 veilside. veilside
is just a body kit…

Edward Perham Jr says:

A lot of those cars are my list to but in just a different order, I would
have to put the Skyline R34 and the Supra in the top two. I just made a
Facebook page dedicated to tuner cars, if you wanna join go to this link It’s a new group so I’m
trying to find new members to talk tuners cars with and share our cars, I’d
like to see what other people drive :)

MrSlothymcsloth says:

Omg an s14 and s13 are both a 240sx.

Kyle Laughlin says:

Definitely would of fit the MR2 in there somewhere. 

Damian Santiago says:

Did you forget about the MR2?

Truther EightyNine says:

wheres the wrx?

Within Starr says:

Anyone ever hear of The United States of America?

Oh and what about the CRX??? NO CRX????

Keegan Kryotic says:

Where’s the 2G Eclipse?

ChicagoAirsoft40 says:

It’s actually an Acura Integra… they just put Honda badges on it.

Abi Surya says:

Wow wait a second, Supra should be number one, there’s no way 350z beat the
legendary. Btw my top 3 is:
1. R-34
2. Supra
3. S-14

mack cummy says:

NSX or even an RSX though there is an Integra?
I have a turbo RSX-S myself.

7eclipes says:

Rx-7 fd with bridgeport turbo can produce 1000hp making it the fastest
tunercar in the world. The engine still is a 1.3 liter and no pistons
shaves wait and more combustions.1000hp for an rx7 is like a skyline with
1900hp. Fastest speed trap for an rx7 fd was recorded at 267 mph. Top that
0-190 just under nine seconds. Looks with veilside bodykit best looking
car. Best handling car.Best drift car in the worl. RX-7 stands for( Rotary
Experiment # Seven)

Sasunarulove says:

#1 is the 350z? WTF!?!?!

Sel3151 says:

this is horriblee

Norris Maclean says:

Hey rice boyz ever heard of Germany!

Jean -Philippe Grignon says:

You know that the veilside rx7 is not an actual production car its just
regular rx7 with a veilside body kit.

JSolls says:

fuck the nissan skyline, people only like them cuz everyone else does..

ZeDoNineR says:

@v12vantage2009 Not on this video ? …

theballsick says:

Did you not read the description? Wtf these are his FAVORITE cars. Jesus
christ get off his nuts!

NeverSoberKing59 says:

why japanese only?

Chris Wood says:

my favorites supra, rx7, and r34 🙂 i dont like the 350z you see them way
way too often

Emzie Blankenship says:

Because they’re overrated as fuck.

PWNDinyoface says:

Someone watches fast and the furious.

subie1232006 says:

you should call it my 15 favorite nissans

VasilisGG16 says:

I bet he is a chinese man….

marvingohan80 says:

Umm.. S15 and 240 sx is the same car, just like the firebird, trans am and
camaro. It’s all the same, and how is an r33 better than a r34? What about
the r35? Mazda rx-7 veilside? Veil side is a body kit company that has
nothing to do with mazda. Oh and the FTO, who wants to drive a car that’s
very commonly mistaken for a fkn pontiac sunfire. Go play some more need
for speed!

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