Tuner-Evolution Car Show @ Sovereign Bank Stadium York Pa.

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Tuner Evolution Car Show Sat. July 16th 2011 @ Sovereign Bank Stadium York Pa. Filmed by: kennycano.com/​panda/


360FAMOUZ360 says:

loooks like my dream place

Roberto Waidi says:

“ll be there soon

Ez E says:

///M3 are the best..

Daniel Salazar says:

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sexy ass evo

kingdomboost says:

What I do now is go to small cruise-ins or charity events like motorcycle
ralllies (yes, they usually allow cars, too) or cribs-for-kids. It’s much
more fulfilling and serves a better purpose than the same ol’ same ol’.
Think about it. Watching chicks dance on stage, what does it really do? Now
go on a charity cruise. You drive to various establishments through the day
and end up at a party to benefit a kid with cancer, you give your $10 and
help a family. Doesn’t that serve a better purpose?

1xXN1CKXx1 says:

4:14 an after that i know that’s why you came here

kingdomboost says:

WOW! It looks…. just.. like every other show out there. This might be big
by York standards, but it’s not that great of a show.

murffy1988 says:

clean your lens douche

kingdomboost says:

I used to go quite a bit. Went to shows all through the fast and furious
years, went to the HINs, the NOPI nats, all that stuff, and eventually I
just came to a point where they really all looked the same to me, and had
all the same crap. Dolled up cars with more money than class poured into
them, booty shakin’ chicks, mc’s, dj’s, some burnouts or displays of power,
skating, bmx, grafitti artists, more booty shaking… You know, you just
get to a point where you get fed up and move on.

jeffteach3 says:

nice show any stills checkout this site extreme-modified

SOCOM says:

The car best look with hot girls

Dawn Flynn says:

Nice job!! U got a good shot of my girl amber modeling and my boys
stuntin!! Kudos

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