🔰 JDM Cars Leaving a Car Show – July 2017

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Japanese cars (and a few more) leaving Santa Pod’s JapShow, July 2017. Including R32, R33 and R34 GTRs, Starlets, Pulsars, S14s, S15s and many Civics…

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MindKiller says:

12:04 umm not sure if anyone noticed but,the blue skyline is a R34 at front but an R32 to the back,what the fuck is that XDDD.

Clemens Schöning-Schulz says:

2:08 what is this car

Paul Blart says:

That pink POS civic with the worst suspension of all time

Tom Coomber says:

5:20 Random British Mercedes

MicroOrganismoGiganti Giga says:

Tem loucos em toda parte do mundo ķkkkk kkkkk kkkkkkkkk

///M says:

the guy with the yellow widebody r34 should be killed

Life& CHILLIN says:

Guys these cars are not illegal you just a American spec type of that video so please stop saying: man I want this car but it's illegal in USA so stop

Not a hate comment

BlueGinge 123 says:

Pink Civic? JDM? I Think NOT!

StivensGameZone says:

8:57.. wtf haha..did he come from job there 😀

F1NL3Y RC says:

Was that an initial d

genaN says:

4:57 Cleanest Celica I have ever seen!

aasou says:

my life will NEVER be the same again after seeing that pink civic at 2:26sec. ….Jesus fucking christ on a bike………….I dont know what else to say.

dima aslanov says:

Where ever this place is they have nice car be what the actual fuk most of these ppl juist customized there cars to look so ugly

A E says:

6:32 They turned a NICE RX7 into a RICE RX7

Edwin says:

3:41 I think you missed a wheelie 😀 He poped that clutch, you can hear it. Awesome videos!! 🙂

Sup ra says:

The blue supra at 6:13 (SLZ 7605) is for sale right now on Autotrader @ 6299

Connor Cameron says:

1:56 what car is that?

Abi Ravindran says:

5:02 the guys face has me dying

tdugamer says:

3:32 the most beautiful car of the show

ItsJustJake says:

Howdy Adam. My names Jake and I'm from the good old u-s-of-a. But nonetheless, love your car show vids. Keep it up!

Tynan Smith says:

8:08 the way the Subaru drowned out the sound of the Skyline

Tynan Smith says:

6:30 that RX7 was riced out. Why tho.

Tynan Smith says:

0:46 that disguising rice af van thingy is just cancer

Sam Plumb says:

No matter what show you go to, there will always be at least one C63

Kill Switch says:

The guy in the ford making car noises had me dieing

Blake says:

2:50 lmfao dudes hittin vtec

daniel atkinson says:

Boosted? @8:55

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