🔰 JDM Cars Leaving a Car show – June 2017

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Some Japanese ‘JDM’ cars leaving Castle Combe’s ‘JDM Combe’ car show, June 2017. From very modified Silvias and Skylines to retro Datsuns and Toyotas.

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Rocket bunny says:

some of them probable go illegal street racing and you never know

DiRT 3 MAStER says:

How do you make the JDM Emoji?

Davie Bhoy says:

Notice how the Honda drivers always need to try and show they are fast .. and they just ain't

じーちゃん says:


Jason The Wolf says:

4:32 now that's what a Honda should sound like

DAVICHU 23 says:

240Z and 180SX???

HEX Tiger says:

These Cars Make me Smile all the time:)

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