5 JDM cars you may have forgotten about

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there have been countless legendary tuners to come out of Japan, but there a definitely some cool ones that a lot of people seem to have forgotten that may be worth a second look
Music:Televisor – Dream Soda :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7rtC0Cjo08
HOME – Resonance:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GW6sLrK40k
Vanilla – Summer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_bi6r_OrI
HOME – We’re Finally Landinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGigHoRQATs&t=79s


Initial Drawings says:

How about the Isuzu Impulse?

Your Local Car Guy says:

Yo Zack how you been bud! It’s me, Lux Life from iFunny haha. Anyway, a really close friend of mine wanted to buy a super weird car as his first car and he somehow found an NX2000 and he scooped it up for $600. It’s got problems but it’s really fun. I’ve been in that car countless times and I’ve driven it once. It’s a fun and weird car. His is the only one I’ve ever seen

Vidia J Frederick says:

The Legendary Mazda 626(1982-1989 imo), anyone?

Vidia J Frederick says:

Anyone?, The Legendary Mazda 626(1982-1989

Vidia J Frederick says:

Anyone?, the legendary Mazda 626(1982-189

Connor Phillips says:

It's funny you mention the Saturn SC motorweek tested it against several of these and it fared well, I drive one and for some reason people assume that it is japanese a lot.

miccah st.aimee says:

I actually see the Mazda mx3 driving sometimes on the highways of me neighborhood, but I remember seeing it have a Toyota badging

Ace Scionti says:

Welcome to the United States of America the land of we don’t get jack shit best one liner of 2018 right there

SPVRTV. says:

i feel like the skyline r30 and r31 is starting to get forgotten…

Wyatt Rogowski says:

This is a great video dude damn keep up this idea its really good

AlphaJDM says:

So let me address something about two cars, first the cyborg, I honestly had an incredibly hard time finding info on it, so truth be told I've heard the first gen is really rare, but I can't say if I know weather the 2nd or 3rd gen is, I think only the cyborg R was rare from there foward, second we actually did get the 323 GTX in 1987 however only about 1200 were sold in the U.S, so they're very rare (but affordable, check out bring a trailer they're out there), so apologies for any other inaccuracies I may have in this video, I'm digging at the bottom of the JDM barrel here, it was pretty hard to find solid facts on a lot of these cars

GT-APEX says:

Mitsubishi Galant AMG anyone ?

jdmdrifter jdm says:

First like comment like

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