Abandon jdm and tuner cars

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In this video we show cars of our interest, and hopefully yours too, as we explore the scrap yard to find parts for ourselves and to find a project car.

We are looking to be rebuilding one or more of these cars in the near future, and videoing its transformation as well.

The highlights of this video is defiantly finding the Rx-7, the Supra, and my personal favourite, the Datsun.

Another small clip will be additional to these two uploaded for this adventure, as it was a long experience, so there’s a bit more to add.

Music creds: Nocopyrightsounds


Peacey says:

The MK2 you guys checked out, grab the power steering reservoir off of it. They are collectors items. I had trouble finding mine for my MK3

mit3t0 says:

Do not add shitty music anymore on videos like this please ……..

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