Best Of JDM Car Sounds 2018

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The Best JDM car sounds and accelerations of 2018. Some of them shooting flames, made burnouts or slide. Supra, silvia, gtr, rx7, Datsun and many more.
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Thomas Brown says:

5:40 Karin Futo ))

チャンネルスケさんの実況部屋 says:

I'm Japanese.
This is not jdm custom.Many people misunderstand that USDM is JDM.
You need to know the real JDM!

kamppa says:

I have to say that those na engines in japanese cars must be one of the best sounds ever made

проста малчик says:

Vce pishyt na angliskom

Danyal Nasir says:

0:18 that plate must have cost soo much

Detector De Mendigos 2.0 says:

7:15 só eu que achei esse som parecido com o de um Opala??

DeceptiNerd Reviews says:

2:01 Cars 4 looks GREAT

joão Farinha says:

Opala ss vence na barulhera

Bernardo Barboza says:

what the honda car at 10:26?

KasGevstci 10 says:

1:00 egzos ?

Matthias Weber says:

Dogs on events like this!? I cant understand somethink like this… what's wrong with those people.

Rest of this video = good job and amazing sounds.

Nene Woods says:

2:29 roman pearce eclipse spyder engine sound

да says:

4:07 “Brothers”

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