BEST OF JDM Tuned Car Sounds 2018! – 4-Rotor RX7, 2JZ GT86, GTR, Subaru, EVO & More 🔰

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I made a compilation of some of the best JDM and tuned car sounds I’ve filmed this year! Last year’s JDM compilation was a great success so I decided to make another one! Hope you enjoy it!

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Austin Guerrero says:

Fave part of sequentials 8:13

Christian Foreman says:

1:59 music to my ears

Still Chill says:

0:35 big wang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Marc A Rodriguez says:

Muscle cars

HUNTER says:

Esto es mi ASMR!
Pd. Hay vídeo individual del supra del minuto 8:39?

James Golen says:

The one at 1:56 sounds a lot like the heat shield rattle I have on my subaru =D

frank white says:

Mad mike turns driving into an art form

Automotive Mike says:

Nice compilation!

SDam46 says:

2:22 it is not 2018

berkcan güngör says:

who the fuck can dislike this

Mattis De Cat says:

8:49 Can someone please tell me where those holes are for in the exhaust?

VIZIN says:

Rotary Mazda's and R35 GT-Rs = RIP ears

RagnarökBefriareOchDöd88 says:

My favorits… no idea there are so many nice cars.

JHB1984 says:

lol … what's up with the Brazzers Subaru ??

Epeli458 says:

8:38 That Supra looks sooooo good!! And sounds even better!!

Martin-Kalev Kingi says:

Cool video! Keep it up!!!! BTW: How did it come to have a name "NM2255"? 🙂 – – – – – favourite car in this video for me was that pure sleeper IS300 Lexus station wagon and Honda S2000

Paddy McQueen says:

goduria next level 200% !!! Grazie! 😀

Riotetあまてらす says:


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